Wednesday, May 20, 2009

...the new side of take-out foods...

To my great surprise, Aunt Jeni's has decided to feature eco-friendly packaging, now. I wasn't expecting it, and when I opened my shipment, I thought for a brief moment that they had somehow managed to give me about 10 lbs of Ben and Jerry's instead of ferret food.

I know. But it only lasted about 1.3 seconds, so *g*. They were honest enough to include a note warning that the new cartons may leak (well, think about it: bloody, raw meat in cardboard. Yeah, leaking seems slightly inevitable).

But, hey, at least I know, so now I have a tub unthawing in the fridge on a plate. Also? I'm being proactive about the environment. S'all good.

And The Triad should be happy--they've been having to go without their Aunt Jeni's at night, since I mistimed ordering. Again.


  1. Bleurgh! I can just picture the scene. Weepy chick flik on the tv, lights down low, seeks out the ben & jerry's and ... BARF!!! ;)

  2. Haha! New Ben & Jerry's flavor has flavor!


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