Sunday, May 17, 2009

well, it's not illegal *per se*

These are old pictures, because in these sporadic posting days I hadn't been using the camera, and the battery apparently pooped out and I have yet to recharge the darn thing. I found out about this when The Lovebirds were being especially true to their name. I ran to take a picture, but nothing happened, so I put it on my to-do list (so it's likely to never get done *g*). Oh, well, but their cuddling nearly killed me from the cute :)

Also, Sian has finally decided to start shedding, and now she has loose tufts all over her face. It's...special, to say the least. And she's finally, completely over her teenager phase. She is back to being the sweetest of The Triad. And Yogi? He's gotten in all his guard hair, finally, so he isn't woolly anymore [thank god]. As for Pixie, she's still scaling the cage at an alarming rate and distracting me from ranting at her by giving me the 'sweet face'--like the one in the first picture.

And, yeah. That's it.


  1. Yep, those sweet faces are sweet. Glad to hear from you and hope everything is still going OK with your little niece and your dog.
    Ever thought about joining Facebook? It's free and easy and a fun way of staying in touch. They even have a chat feature.
    Just a thought!
    I'm in a drama of my own right now. Severe disappointment about the rescue thing. But happy, happy I have little Snow!
    Stay in touch! (and consider Facebook for your daily-staying-in-touch needs!! :D )

  2. Things are great for my niece--she actually had her doctor's app't today, and he said she was doing so well that we wouldn't have to take her in anymore [she's very happy about that]. The only complication is that her gums are extra tough and will stay that way for a few months [but it shouldn't pose a problem when her adult teeth start coming in].

  3. Glad your niece is doing well and is on the mend.

    I know all about the 'Sweet Face'- my two do it when caught in the act, as if to say: 'Who me? I'm so cute, I couldn't possibly do anything naughty, honest!'


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