Thursday, May 14, 2009

oh, see, I thought you meant that figuratively ...

Because I have been feeling rather...ugh lately, I decided to post this picture to cheer myself up. It's cute [and how can Miss Pixie not bring a smile to your face?].

Anyway, The Triad is doing well. Finally got their nails clipped, because they were getting obscenely long, and poor Sian was getting caught in every single fabric she walked on. So everyone is now caught up with grooming, though I am contemplating baths. 'Cause the baby hasn't had one. Ever.

That's basically all the news, currently *g*...oh, except how my mom swears Yogi has gotten even bigger now that he's shed his winter coat. It's possible, and she'd have a good basis for comparison, since The Triad pounced on her as soon as she came in and didn't let her leave until they had tuckered themselves out and parted ways to crash [you should see them pout and mope and stare after her if she manages to leave earlier than they'd prefer. It's so sad].

Okay. That's it.

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  1. I wish my boys would make me cofee, lol! Pixie is cute (and so are Yogi and Sian, if they happen to be reading this!)

    If one of us leaves the room when we're playing with us, they rush to the door afterwards as if to say " How dare you!"

    We did their nails last night too- must have been a day for it. Usually have to bribe them with malt paste to distract them. Definately a two person job!


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