Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yeah, I just felt my IQ drop a few points. Thanks.

I'm happy--I was actually able to get a few pictures of Sian [she's been camera-shy, lately]. And of course, the first pic is Pixie and the ohsolovely clean floor--which sometimes becomes a living creature all on its own :)

The good news is the mat in Pixie's fur came out, and Yogi's guard hair is creeping back in (YAY!).

And, I've had to put off the nail trims and ear cleanings for the immediate future--I've given up smoking, so my concentration and coordination is WAY off for right now (and even Pixie is taken aback from the lack of smoking odor on me, I guess, 'cause everyone is constantly checking me out, like 'something's different, but I don't know what it haircut?').

And that's all in the way of news. Boring, but oh, well.


  1. Oh, Rocky and Sian do look alike!! How sweet! Rocky hates the camera and runs everytime I point it at him! So a good pic of him is like gold! Ziggy and George love the camera and ham it up for me.
    Good for you on the smoking cessation!! You can do it!! Think of how much money you will have!!

  2. Aw and Pixie has little sox!

  3. Yeah, that's exactly what I think about, 'cause lately? Our habit costs us over $500 dollars a month. That's A LOT of money!

    My two girls are the shyest. Usually, Yogi has no problem shimmying right up to the camera and posing for me :)

  4. Missing your posts! You must be busy with moving stuff? Hope the Triad is doing well --and you, too!

  5. Not so much with the moving stuff--we're going up Thursday [Fri.'s the closing]. Just been kinda busy with the smoking cessation stuff [been grouchy and ditzy and *hungry* by turns. >ugh< And now I'm sick].

    I've been thinking about my blog and will probably post tomorrow, though!

  6. Take care of you.....!!! :)


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