Sunday, June 7, 2009

huh. this is more complicated than I thought. who knew?

*The Lovebirds*

I'm starting to realize that traveling three hours one way with The Triad isn't going to be that much fun. Especially since we're taking them and Ben with us and everyone has to ride in the truck cabin.


Then, we have the awesome new ferret room. It's perfect, except for how--right now--I can't take the cage up and I don't have a traveling one big enough for them to sleep inside. So, I'm going to have to come up with something. The room is ferret safe [or will be once the faceplates are back on the outlets and I put the safety covers on them]. But, I get uneasy with them out when I'm gone or in bed.

So, it's a lot of stuff I have to lug up there [play pen for a makeshift 'cage'--that I hope Pixie won't weasel out of like she's done before, somehow--toys, bedding, potty stuff--i.e. piddle pads, newspaper, etc since they refuse to use boxes outside of the cage--food, tap water]...

...and then we're going to have to come home for about three days and turn around and pack everything up and take it back up there. We are so weird. Plus, it just goes to show that ferrets are not low maintenance pets, and only people who enjoy being flummoxed daily [over even the littlest thing] should ever consider being a ferrent.


I'll figure it out. I hope.



  1. Moving home is never easy.

    There's always bungie cord, gaffer tape and a staple gun... it might last 3 weeks, and their hair will probably grow back ;)

  2. LOL, Roxy!! :DD

    Oh, Sunny...can't say I envy you on this. Hmmm. It sounds like you have a good plan using the playpen. Hopefully, everyone will be so excited and wear themselves out so much, they will sleep a lot...

  3. Oh!! I love your new photo!! It is so cute! Great shot!


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