Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're back. For now.

I have a ton of pictures of The Triad at the VA house. Things went well; I actually just let them free roam in the ferret room. There wasn't a lot of stuff for them to get into, so they had to resort to tearing up piddle pads. I thought they would get spoiled, being out of a cage 24/7, but they actually missed their Ferret Nation. As soon as we got home, they raced inside the FN and haven't left yet *g*.

I think, overall, that they will feel more comfortable up there once they have all their stuff with them.

I did notice some stress related poo...problems. I'm thinking some probiotics are in order [it'll help with the water transition, as well]. I've also been giving them more frequent doses of pumpkin at lower amounts, and it's helped Pixie [who I'm the most worried about as she's prone to stress ulcers] a lot, without all the side effects that famotidine has.

Ugh. Okay. Waiting for this video to load made me tired. More pointless descriptions of our trip tomorrow, 'cause that's how I roll.

p.s. : that static noise in the background of the video? The Triad's air purifier--just because *g*


  1. It's funny how they missed their cage. My two always put themsleves to bed when they have worn themsleves out playing.

    I love the video- I'm never bored with watching ferret videos. I wish they'd bring out a DVD full of them! LOL!

  2. Heh, I like the "Get back in here. I'm not done with you yet!"

    Pets are strange. Things you think aren't important turn out to be. I guess they miss what they think as safe zone.

  3. Yay! I've missed you and your triad!! Potty pad shredding -- well, er, could be worse?
    You are right. They'll do great as soon as they have all their stuff in one place!
    Big Hugs!!!


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