Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vets, vets, vets

Dear god, at least we're home now. So, how did it go?

She got pre-treated, because even though a rabies vaccine reaction is rare, our vet didn't want to take a chance (considering how far away we live from any vet care). Two newbie vet tech gave the injection.

They held her and played with her. We thought it was fine. Right after they leave the room, we hear this scritchscritch sound. We find Sian running around, and dragging the leg they gave the shot to. Not only just trailing it behind, but when she'd get it back under her, it would twist around, or the toes would knuckle under. My mom scooped her up and we tried to find someone. Luckily, the vet (actual vet) came in to check on us. My first question? "Does that happen with ferrets?" Her response? "It's never happened before!"

Apparently, the vet techs either scraped, poked or irritated her sciatic nerve when they gave the shot. So, yeah, because we were trying to be preventive, she has suffered some neurological injury. As the vet put it, "it may be temporary, or it could be permament." If it's temporary, the damage will last a few days to a few weeks. In the meantime, now, we have to watch for ulcerated tissue on the tops of her toes. If that happens, she'll need a boot, and maybe acupuncture (to help resolve the issue).

But, she got her rabies, and is handling that well--just a little retching that cleared up pretty quickly. Another vet tech handled the scruffing for the actual vaccine. She looked at Sian and said "I bet you're glad I'm the one holding you," and truer words have never been spoken (this vet tech is one of my and my ferrets' fav.s--she's really sweet and likes seeing my guys).

Right now? Since she's not on slick flooring anymore, she's better. Her grasping reflex is really low, and she'll knuckle under (once or twice her leg has caved, but not like earlier). She's happy to be back with The Lovebirds, has eaten and is now playing in her favorite box.

Sometimes, I just can't believe our luck. Hmmph. But, in general news: everything in Sian's exam checked out okay. The vet was a little concerned about her weight loss (she went from 1068 g to 996 g). But it's turning warmer (and, really, Yogi's lost a lot more than the baby has), and she's playing more. She hasn't stopped eating, or even lessened the amount, so I know it isn't that *g*. Besides that, I'm always confused at their desire to call Sian a he. I've even said "she's a girl" and five seconds later everyone's saying 'oh, he's so cute! Look at his stumpy tail!'.

But, it's over. YAYYAYYAYYAYYAY!


  1. Oh Sunny - so sorry to hear about the problem Sian's having. All I can do is offer you guys lots of positive vibes across the oceans and hope it all resolves itself happily.

    Thank God we don't need to worry about rabies shots here in Oz. Phew!

  2. Aw, that is so wrong! Poor Sian, poor you. I'm also sending you lots of love and healing thoughts. I hope she'll get over the nerve damage.

  3. p.s. tell your mom "thanks for the love" !

  4. I'm coming from Nona's blog..have two ferrets,one DEW silver girl Fritzy and one dark sable boy Fred..we have the rabies here in Croatia and they must be vaccinated every year..so I'll get them both to the vet next month..hope everything will be good..so sorry to hear about Siam's problems..I'm sending a big kiss to her and other two..

  5. Wow, that's not good news at all! Hope it turns out all right in the end... and soon.

    But I bet she's loving it - all the extra attention you'll no doubt be giving her.


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