Monday, April 20, 2009

I subsitiute your reality for...complete fiction

Sian goes in for her rabies vaccine tomorrow. Yay, we're almost done. I'm also going to pick up some more parrot spray for 'em. I really don't want to run out of that stuff--it's great for winter itch, shedding, and just dry skin in general.

Also? I've been looking through my ferret pictures, and I'm thinking of doing a tongue-lolling post, 'cause there's quite a bit with them sticking their tongues out *g*.

As for Yogi's shedding--I've taken up brushing them about 3 times a day, and upped their pumpkin to a few times weekly for now. I took them out yesterday, to let my mom and sis see 'em, and I had the two gagging from just the hair floating off of Yogi (and to a lesser extent Pixie). I guess the baby is still waiting to shed; it's smart--she's already hacking because of The Lovebirds, so adding in a third would be...kinda like hell.

Letting Sian out of the room to see new people also helped me, apparently. As my mom put it, it "made her realize how great it is not to be stuck with them." Which is true, the baby doesn't really like many people. She'll be nice (hurray for nip-training), but it's only being tolerant (okay, she kinda likes using my mom as a toy; with my sister, Sian usually spends the time trying to escape from her). She generally prefers to be with The Lovebirds or with me. Her outing must have jogged that memory >heehee<, because she's been the sweetest little girl since then.

I'm really not above out and out manipulation *g*.


  1. Sending kisses to Sian ~ hope everything goes well with the rabies vacc.
    Parrot spray for ferrets! I've never heard of it, but sounds like a good idea. Is it just sold at the vet's office?
    Yep, the shedding is lovely, isn't it? I give mine FerretLax; I'm assuming pumpkin does the same thing?
    Are your ferrets from private breeders or they from a pet store? ((just curious)) Mine are Marshall ferrets. There are very few breeders down here in Texas... :/
    Haha, I cooked stirfry beef last night and offered Milo (mah babee) a little piece of raw beef. He sniffed it, looked up at me and said, "Really?", sniffed it again and walked away. It was pretty funny!
    Many hugs and thanks for the prayers and well-wishes for Cupid. It is so sad to see him like this. I hope he goes to the Bridge soon. He's just so tired. I know he wants to go.
    Hugs and Dooks,

  2. A good shampoo once a week will help get rid of the loose hair faster. :D

  3. @frisky

    All three are Marshall's babies, actually (pet store).

    The spray is called Avix Bird soother spray; it's for birds who tear at their feathers. And I googled it, and it came up on some online stores, so I think you can order it online, as well. But I've never seen it in any stores. Online, if you want to get some, is most likely the best bet :)

    And, yay, for at least offering it--it is hard to get them to realize that meat is actually food, and pretty darn good stuff at that!

    My best wishes, still, are with Cupid, and my mom sends her sympathies. His situation made her teary (she loves ferrets).

  4. @ Liz

    I would bathe them, as it helps our dogs during sheds, but bathing ferrets weekly is bad for their skin and coat (makes them dry and stinky). But, thanks! A lot of combing (lots and lots and lots *g*) is doing pretty well, right now.


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