Friday, April 17, 2009

incoherent screaming wouldn't even cover this

It's been one of those days. From uncooperative nieces right down to Destructo-Ferrets.

It was my delight to really get to see Yogi shed. I mean, I thought he'd finished it up, but apparently the dusting of chocolate colored fur all over the room was first the appetizer. With one swipe of my hand across his back, I got this lovely reward:

After about ten minutes of brushing, I had enough to make me a ferret fur shirt with matching pants, and he still was covered in loose hair. But, that's normal, and doesn't bother me. What does?

Hmmmm, let's see...

I found him in my mattress. Yeah, that's right--inside the darn thing. I have bits of mattress all over my floor and inside the covers on my bed. Thank god none of them want to eat it, but still.
It did spur yet another redesign of my room--one in which I find as many bulky heavy things (i.e. my chest that was under the window and other items of that ilk) and blockade my bed. I have no hope of it working (ha! learned my lesson). But, hey, if all goes to plan--we'll be moving at the end of the month, and The Triad will have their own room again (no more bunking with mom *g*).

And in yet another sign of ferretish power, The Triad ripped up yet another Flexi-Tunnel. Apparently, they wanted more exits than the toys allowed. So, with the power of teeth and claws they made this:

I had to clean it up--get the dangly bits off, and pick up the scraps from their endeavor. But, so far, I'm still letting them play with it. But, why can't ferret toys be made to endure actual, you know, ferret play?

Perhaps the more important question is: why do I keep spending money on these darn things?

Maybe there's group counseling for this: Hi, my name's Sunny, and I'm a ferrent who repeatedly buys over-priced but cheaply made toys because of the pretty colors.

Anyone else in?


  1. I'm in. Only I buy them soft, furry beds! I just bought one that looks like a gray tiger cat (it's body is the bed part). It's soooo cute. The first thing they did was get in it and start to dig it. ((heavy sigh))
    What are ya gonna do? Ferrets these days -- no respect, I tell ya, no respect...

    Yep, shedding is fun. Especially when you have multiple fuzzbutts. The other day I was scruffing Ziggy to get his teeth brushed and I pulled out a handful of hair from his neck. It was all over me, the bathroon sink, everywhere. I always increase the FerretLax this time of year cuz of possible hairballs.

    Ew, that sucks about your mattress, though. There's just some places a ferret shouldn't go, right? :)

  2. p.s. -- the pics are adorable!! Gotta love those little noses and feetsies!

  3. Hi, frisky; welcome to the group!

    I guess I was spoiled, seeing as how my ferrets were pretty moderate shedders--they'd get in their summer or winter coats just fine, but there never seemed to be much hair, really.
    And, yeah, I've upped their pumpkin for now, so that should help.

    And, yeah, leave it to a ferret to choose to tear up a bed, even when they have every toy that's ever been in a store, plus some.

    Sometimes we just can't win!

    p.s. thanks. Toes and noses--so cute! [at least on ferrets *g*]

  4. Great article. I love the way that like every other kid on the planet, they have no regard for the amount of money spent on them and quite happily destroy a $100 toy or a free toilet roll with the same gusto.

    The moulting did spur me into an idea for my latest post too.


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