Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Celebratory posting is in order, I think

I just want to say thanks for all the kind words and positive thoughts directed our way. Everyone's doing great (my niece is back home and playing and healing wonderfully). I was also able to talk with E. (after he was able to get over the shock and fear) about Ben, and he said he would be okay with Ben being separated from the girls, and that he wouldn't ask for my dog's euthanization. Animal Control said the same thing. So, all's clear now.

As for The Triad: they've been extremely sweet with me. Every one, even Miss Pix, has been cuddly and pretty low-key, actually (for ferrets, anyway). The Twins did manage to get into a pretty serious squabble over their CGH pieces (Sian actually tried to bite Yogi on the neck), so I was forced to chase the both of them around (while they were playing tug of war over the RMB) and try to separate them. I finally managed it, and got Yogi in the cage away from Sian with his own piece. It took a bit (and he did try to thief Pixie's once) but he finally settled down.

I think part of his problem is his shed. It's making him slightly grouchy and even hungrier, so he wants everybody's food and he'll fight to get it. Also? He's losing all his guard hairs first, so he's a skinny, woolly/frizzy fert who's now chocolate on his head and chest and tail and cream everywhere else. It's annoying him, now, and he'll stretch out on the bed while I pluck the tufts of hair out, because he's given up trying to groom the hair off.

So, that's about it, for now. After this past week, I have to say that life for us is pretty darn good and I couldn't ask for more :)


  1. Hi, glad to hear everything is going well. Best wishes for the weekend :)

  2. Hey, thanks. It was rather a drastic turnaround, but in the best way :)

  3. Oh Sunny, I am so happy for you and especially for your pooch :)

    You must feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders!

    Hugs to all your pets from my gang of miscreants ;-)

  4. Great news, Sunny! Oh, what a relief about Ben. Now that he's "in the clear" (so to speak), sit his little butt down and have a "Come To Jesus" talk with him!! :)

    You have a strong family, girl. That's a lot to go through.

    Wow, poor Sian. He must have a super thick coat to begin with?...I don't think any of my guys have ever shedded like that. That's crazy... ;)

    Good to see you back on the blog!

  5. @ Nona

    Thank you :)
    And I'll make sure to pass on the love, and you do the same for your bunch!

    We are definitely working on Ben's issues, now *g*

    Sian actually still has her winter coat (she refuses to add to the hair already floating around, I guess), and Yogi (my boy and the Problem Shedder) has always had a dense coat. Summer to winter it's always been close packed and thick. But this is my first time with a ferret that does *this* (I even had to research it, because I was concerned about all the guard hair falling out).

    And thanks for listening to me this past week. I really appreciated and it helped a lot.

  6. So glad that your niece is ok, and that Ben is in the clear. My two fuzzies (rescue ferrets; sables, Simon and Alvin) send love and hugs to you all!

  7. Just catching up on the posts now, what a ruddy awful time of it you have had!

    Fingers crossed things get sorted to your liking or as near as possible.

  8. That's such great news for you and Ben. I'm really very pleased for you. He's a lovely looking dog, but I guess we all get grouchy with age.


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