Sunday, April 5, 2009 that even remotely possible?

It's kinda dark, but you might be able to see some cracked out ferrets playing *g*

They love a clean room (and the last bit? Explains why handles should be cut off the bag before ferts play with them--but after they finished playing--e.g. I removed all three from it--it morphed into The Poo Bag, so handles are necessary).

So, yay! Now, I just need to give them their heartworm med.s after they finish the CGH pieces--it was supposed to be the third, but I forgot (bad me).

Hmm, that's it, I think.


  1. Aw...they are little hams! Nothing better than a good sack rumble! :)

  2. I know; it kinda makes up for the vid. in which they're all just standing around staring at me like, 'what're you lookin' at?'

  3. heehee, i like that video! it's classic ferret!
    hey, are you s'posed to be on my follwers list? cuz I don't see you there....

  4. Your site has absolutely made my day...

  5. @ frisky

    I am a follower...but I don't see the follower link on your blog...AND I CAN'T LEAVE COMMENTS ANYMORE!! I've been trying for the past 15 minutes or so. Is it the new layout? Which I like, by the way, but it's the only thing I can think of that would cause the problem

  6. How cute!!!!!

    I'm getting my first ferret one Wedesday!!! I can't wait!!!

  7. @ anon

    Thank you and congratulations on your new fert!

  8. thanks, I hope mine ferret will be as playfull as your's.

    btw, I'm Max from yahoo ;)

  9. well, then, hi Max :)

    No doubt he (or will it be a she?) will be. One thing--don't give the fert all his or her toys in one lump. Have about three different 'groups' of toys, and switch them out every few days. It'll keep him/her excited about all the 'new' toys!

  10. Thanks!

    I just got him a he is so cute! We have bonded well! His name is Jasper and he is a sable. His birthday is Jan. 26th so he's a baby.

    So far his favorite toys are: a tunnel I made, a small pumkin bucket, and anything that I won't let him have! (he's a little rascal)

    I have one question though... Do ferrets squeak? My dog got over excited and tried to pounce on him (my mom grabbed him so they're ok) and insted of screaming he squeaked. Is this normal?

    Well I better go play with him, bye!

  11. Ferrets DO squeak. They can hiss, yelp, bark, honk, grunt, and scream, as well. If your dog doesn't know how to act around the little guy, you'll need to teach him, and *wait* until the fert is a bit bigger, as well. Even a light pounce by a bigger animal *can* harm the ferret, even if the pounce isn't aggressive.

    He is a baby; and that's common for most ferrents. Mine were two months and three months, usually, when I got them, so they generally need to be taught the rules of socialization and all that great stuff.

    Good luck with him! He sounds adorable! (and, hey, maybe you'll make your own blog and post pics and stories--that'd be fun *g*)

  12. He is very cute!

    I'm trying to teach my dog to be calm around him but he is young also.

    I have one more question, I already ferret proofed but I forgot about under my bed. There is a gaint gap and I don't know how to block it. Any tips?

  13. The best thing to do is take the bed off of the frame so that the boxspring and mattress is resting against the floor (this is what I did). Or, you can try framing the whole bed in with wood, but it costs money and is harder than the first options (and doesn't all the time work and runs the risk of the ferret trying to eat through the wood).


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