Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it was a massacre, or so they tell me

More pictures of bone! With blood! What a great blogger I am *g*

No, it was just strange. I gave my guys their CGH pieces, per usual, for breakfast. This time? For some reason, the pieces were extra...juicy. The Triad devoured them in just a few minutes, and left blood all over the bowls and floor of the cage. And--to my surprise--chunks of meat on the bars of the cage. I really don't know how it fight? They thought they had to 'kill' it?

Anyway, the big, bad carnivores made such a mess that it inspired an all over scouring of the cage. At least the FN is easy, and no sweat to scrub down. It's a wonderful change from the evil Superpet Ferret Kingdom monstrosity that I had for three years. I would have had to take a pipe cleaner or wire brush to clean out the hardcloth wire that I had to cover the cage with, and still would have peeled the coating off the cheap, broken bars of the cage.

I am so spoiled, now. Unrepentantly so. Having an easy to access and to clean cage makes ferrenthood that much more enjoyable.

Which brings me to the first thing we all learn when we start researching ferrets. Their hygiene.

When I first got ferrets, I read. I read a lot (okay, still do). What did I read? Mostly--"ferrets are clean animals. They need a clean cage and litterbox--not only for their health, but because they dislike being soiled."

Really? I can't tell. Pixie (my only litter-trained fert, unfortunately) does like a clean box, but that doesn't stop her from wanting to PLAY in the poo bag. It doesn't stop Yogi when he gets it into his head to roll in his own poo (which has prompted a few 6 a.m. baths that resulted in him climbing into my shirt to get away from the evil bathtub o' doom). It doesn't stop The Twins from snuggling up to their stashed RMBs, and having an odor not unlike warmed raw chicken, sometimes (which is sad, and can sometimes overwhelm their natural, sweet scents--Yogi-vanilla. The baby-cinnamon. At least it dissipates rather quickly once they get off of it).

So, clean? Only if you count licking themselves obsessively so that they swallow just enough hair to form a nice, health risk of an obstruction. If that's your definition, then yeah. They're clean critters.

I love my guys. I do, as it's evinced through numerous fert-adoring posts and pictures, like these:

But, really, I'm under no illusions about fert-y nature. Thank god.

In food-related news: I ordered more Aunt Jeni's ground food, as well as chicken necks. And, guess what I found out? They have duck necks! >heeheehee<. Oh, yes. Next order? Duck necks and rabbit 'wings', to go along with the chicken necks (since if my order has to go over what can fit in one box, I have to have enough food to fill up two boxes). It's gonna be SO much fun!


  1. OOOO-tay! That' we'll stick to kibble after all...yeah...
    (Is that Psycho movie music I'm hearing?!)

    Another cool post! Loves it!
    (I'm messing with my template...lost all my gadgets...grr...)

  2. Aw, come on! What's not to love about raw food fights? It's great! Also? I have heard from many fert owners who have an insulinomic ferret that even a half diet of raw at one meal and kibble for the rest of the day helps regulate them (the protein stays in their system longer and helps their glucose stay more stable). The owners were even able to reduce the amount of prednisone their ferrets were on! See? Good news.

    Psycho music? P'rolly. It's what I was hearing as I was writing this :)

  3. That does make sense. I know the protein is a huge issue in regard to regulating the blood sugar. Cupid is soooo finicky though. Maybe I'll just try, he may love it, who knows?

    OK, so the followers list on my blog? Are you there? Are you the one with just the gray photo? No info comes up on it, so I was just wondering.

  4. Nevermind, it's there...! :) (yay)


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