Thursday, April 9, 2009

and the star of the show today is...

Thanks to Claire for making and sending this to me--I think it's adorable...even if it's not (completely) true. Maybe.

And as for Sian? She's the only one to hang onto her winter coat and chubbas. Plus, she's going through that uber-serious stage of kithood. Around the 6-7 month mark all my ferts were like that. Nearest I can figure, they spend their days angsting over...impending ferrethood and how they'll be whiling their life away playing and getting into trouble. Obviously, their purpose in life has to be debated *g*

So, yes. Now, she lays on my lap with a serious expression on her face. Trying to engage her in play? It's the weasel version of 'mom, you're embarrassing me.' And she'll trail behind me, even when I bring in food, like she can't be associated with me. When I do catch her playing, she makes sure to glare at me and run away ("You couldn't possibly understand me!"). And the other day, I went to give her kisses--she put a paw over my mouth. Really?
I'm holding out--Yogi was like that for about two months before he snapped back into deranged weasel-mode. It's just a matter of time.

I told my mom all this the other day (because, hey, these are her grand-babies, too). She looked at me and said, "No. She's hot and fat. Leave her alone!"

Which, yeah, is another way it can be summed up, too.

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