Saturday, April 11, 2009

next time, don't put the chimp in charge of the little red button

*Yogi says: I am king. I have decimated the puny, little toy*

*Pixie's favorite pose. Can't you tell?*

*The baby. Before she ran away. Damn puberty.*

I managed to get most of their bedding washed. In the process, I completely killed their poor sofa bed. One of its arms ripped open, and the 'fold out bed' thing got mangled and doubled up on itself, so that now there's an obscene flap of empty fabric and a lumpy, bulgy middle section. I highlighted my kindergarten-esque sewing skills when I tried to repair the torn arm, but nothing can save the rest of it.

In fact, every time Yogi sees it he beats it up and sends it flying. Apparently, he can't even stand the look of the thing. It's his fault, anyway, since if he had left it alone, it wouldn't have needed to been washed. But, noooooooooooo. He had to take out his temper on it, and push it down into poo.

And the sad thing? They quit making those. I saw a bright pink monstrosity that might work in place of their neat, green bed, but it's puffy. And pink. Hot pink. I should buy it anyway, just to give Yogs a complex >bwahahahaha<. If he keeps ripping at it, I'm going to have to--seeings as that's their launching pad to scrabble into the upstairs portion of the FN (evil ramp of evilness had to be taken out, after Pixie nearly threw out her back trying to use it).

But, yes, I was on the ball yesterday. Cleaned laundry. Scrubbed entire cage. Cleaned out the litterbox. Gave pumpkin and ivermectin. Washed toys. Oh, yeah. I'm good *g*.

I even treated them to a dinner of both Aunt Jeni's and CGH pieces. The choice astounded them and it took them awhile to settle down and decide what they wanted to eat. Now, I've just got to clean ears, trim nails, and vacuum. And then I'm done for an entire week. Okay, well, I've still got to clean the cage every night, along with their food bowls twice a day, and scoop out the litterbox, but hey. I can't even imagine it. A break.

In other news: Yogi is being a klutz. Lately, he just...falls. Down the ramps. Out of the cage. He's probably thinking "This is so much quicker than jumping everywhere! WHEEEEEEEE!" The baby is still a spoiled fert-y teenager. Pixie is still scaling the cage and knocking crap off, as well as wrestling with anyone who will stand still long enough (I've walked in countless times to the screeching/hissing of both Yogi and Sian when Pixie has tackled them--usually under the comforter on the bed. She's sneaky like that).

And in people news, for anyone interested: the house we're looking to buy. So far, so good. Everything, as of Thursday before the holidays, is at the underwriter's. And we actually have a potential buyer for this place, too. Good thoughts are welcomed :)

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