Monday, April 13, 2009

I never see these things coming...

I took the sofa bed out. Yogi would not leave the darn thing alone for even 5 minutes, so--in desperation--I put in the evil ramp. Thanks to a nifty pair of pliers, I was able to bend the hook parts so that the ramp sat evenly on the shelf (instead of wobbling or being crooked).

It took The Triad a bit to try it. Eventually, Pixie went up easy as cakes, and then she turned around, and her eyes got huge. They looked about ready to pop out of her poor face. But she got on her belly, edged over to the opening and slid halfway down. After that, she got her legs back under her and walked the last half. So, she managed it, without a rehash of her first (and traumatic) venture. Then, she'd race up and down it, and do hops and turns on the ramp, as if to say 'hey, look what I can do!'

As for The Twins: Sian would go up it, but she wouldn't try going down. Yogi wouldn't go up or down on his own. In order to get him up into the second floor, I had to lead him with my hand. That was fine, and he got it no problem. Then, I had to take turns placing The Twins on the ramp the right way and guiding them down the ramp.

Over and over and over again. And over get my point.

Finally, everyone could do it to where I felt safe putting them up for the night. Hurray! It does, actually, give more room, since nothing huge is taking up that first shelf. I can put blocks and other toys for Yogi to kick around on it (which I did, and he did, and it was cute *g*)

Oh, and the baby--who's giving me a break from her pouting and anti-social behavior--found a new toy that she just loves. Here's a couple of pictures of her with it:

They were...helping me put away my laundry when she came across it. After 'trying' out different shirts, sweaters, and pants, I guess she found that my tangerine bra was the best to take off with. It's hers, and she will chase and go after any other ferret who tries to steal it away (and Yogi made the attempt--he made it all the way under the cage before she tackled him and all I could hear was some yelping and hissing before she came back, lugging the thing behind her).

Pixie had teddy bear legs she had ripped off a stuffed animal. Yogi had a sock. Sian now has a bra (this is the first item where she has shown *any* amount of possessiveness over). And here I thought The Triad's affinity for hair clips and alarm clocks was odd.

You never can tell.


  1. HAHAHA! Lingerie thief, I love it! Does that mean you're stuck walking bra-less, Sunny? Lol!

  2. LOL

    Luckily, no. I have a dark navy one just like it that I'm keeping FAR from her *g*

  3. I think that bra is just a teeny tiny bit too big for him (or her) though... You might have to get it resized... :D

  4. Hmm, good idea...but she likes to get her head through the strap and wear one of the cups like a hat. Who am I to tell her no? LOL


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