Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nom nom nom

*Messy room is messy. And Pixie is cute :)*

Yogi has a new death-wish, now. Since I now have the power to flush any ingested matter out of his system (via pumpkin), he's moved on to bigger and deadlier things. Literally. His vice now? Going after my dog, Ben.

I was in the ferret room just a bit ago (Pixie scaling the cage), and I had my back turned to the door when I heard this ruckus. Ben had, I guess, come up to the Plexiglass (the bottom piece is 2-2.5 ft by itself) to check on me as he's wont to do if I'm visiting the fuzzbutts. Yogi saw Ben's head hanging over, and must have thought it'd be a good idea to lunge at him. When I turn to look, I see Ben waving his head all over the place while Yogi-Terror is trying to jump and bite at his face and neck. Thankfully, Benny-boo realizes there will be hell to pay if he goes after any of the small animals in the house, and he graciously turned and ran away, and Yogs was left jumping at empty air. But, yeah, I managed to envision 23245465768796756453435 ways that could have gone badly in under 10 seconds (combined time was 1) me frozen in shock for 9 seconds and 2) the 1 second it took for me to scoop Yogi up and get him away from the door).

So, yeah, new death-wish (I think, too, it's partly retaliation for the times--when Yogi was making a racket in the cage and annoying Ben--when Ben would press his nose into the sheet covering the cage and sneeze at Yogi--thereby scaring the crap out of him and making him run to the upstairs portion of the FN).

Everyone's fine...but my heart still hurts. That much adrenaline is not good for your health, let me tell you.



  1. Whew, that sounded close. Glad that Ben knew to walk away - what a good dog! Isn't it crazy how these little guys are so fearless? It can get them in so much trouble...not to mention the years it takes off their human's life!!

  2. Enjoyed this post, reminds me about how close calls are just waiting to happen every day. :D

  3. @frisky

    Yeah, Ben can be a surprising angel sometimes (or, maybe he just knows that if he behaves [especially in regards to the ferrets or Cinder] that he'll get a gamehen stuffed with ground turkey--his extra-special treat *g*).

    @ Liz
    I'm glad you enjoyed it! And, yes, we can never escape those close calls, can we? It adds an extra visceral element, too, when we realize just how lax and complacent we become in a given situation!


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