Thursday, April 2, 2009

mediocre--that about sums it up

Yeah, the ferts didn't really make a dent in the turkey leg yesterday, so today I sliced the meat off, put it in their bowls, and left the bone on a plate and put it all in the cage. This time, Yogi actually crunched the bone as the girls ate the chunks of meat.

And, of course, The Twins were being cute, and dancing all over the room. But, as soon as I get the camera to take a vid, I get this:

Ah, well. Lazy. Or camera shy. But, hey, they had fun destroying the room--isn't it pretty? And, really, this is worth about 15 minutes of my nieces staring avidly [and quietly *g*] as they watch ferrets moving, so I posted it. Sorry.

Other than that: Sian got over her sulk, and is deigning to notice me, now. Apparently, she had gotten upset at my reduced interaction time, and was letting me know. And? My oldest niece is becoming my ears, whenever I'm busy taking care of the other two girls. She now reports any and all funny noise that emanates from the ferret room (and, yes, somehow Hailey has learned to differentiate between The Triad's 'regular playing' noise and their 'we're getting into trouble' noise. What a helper *g*). Just today, I was taking care of the youngest, and Hailey runs up to me and says: "Iya, Iya, I think your ferrets doing something. I hear a lot of noise."

So I run back there and Pixie's on top of the cage, knocking crap off of it (and when Miss Pix saw me? She assumed the 'what? I'm innocent. I'm not really up here doing what I'm doing. I swear' position).

Besides that, though, it wasn't a busy a day, ferret-wise. Rainy weather makes them slower, and besides The Twins' burst of energy, that was it.

Now, I've only got to clean up the mess The Triad made and I'm done. YAY!


  1. haha! mine do the same thing -- they'll be all cute and silly and the minute i get out the camera they totally stop.
    thanks for the info on the meat. i may try it ~ just to see what they do! i'll get the camera ready! :)

  2. YAY! I can't wait to see their reaction. It'll probably be along the lines of 'WTF? She's trying to kill us! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

  3. Your trio are just so gorgeous ... and I love the way that sables can look so "innocent" when doing the worst things to your furniture or whatever. Must be their little masks! Hi ho Silver - AWAAAAAY!!! :-D

  4. Yeah, it has to be the masks...maybe the way it makes their eyes just seem huge and sweet. I often find myself going, 'hi, pretty babies...' [10 seconds later] 'oh my god, what have you done?' With accompanying giggles (I will *laugh* half the time. They know how to play their mom, let me tell you!).


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