Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breakfast Time...ferret-style

While I was letting the turkey leg warm up, I was wondering: how do I even get them interested in this?

Then, inspiration struck. I used the one thing that has always been my back up plan: olive oil.

I rubbed a little on it, and it was enough to get The Triad interested, and just the thing to get Pixie to chow down on it (though it wasn't quite enough to guarantee The Twins' cooperation).


After this, it'll be time to try the raw egg. I can't believe I'm meeting my goals (hey, baby steps and all that).

And, yes, you might be able to hear my nieces having a great ole time. What can I say? They're exuberant little girls *g*.


  1. OMG, that's awesome! They have the cutest faces! Was Pixie the one pulling the turkey off the plate? Wow, mine only know kibble...
    should I give some meat a try? What would I start with, if I were to experiment? (don't want to freak 'em out...!)

  2. The one pulling it off the plate was Yogi. Pixie was the one actually *eating* it.

    If you wanted to try some, I'd start with boneless chicken breast or ground turkey drizzled with ferret-tone, babyfood, or crushed kibble (or a little of all three). The trick is to try to cover up the meat, so that the ferts just think it's a regular treat. By the time they realize there's raw meat under there--it's too late :)

    Bu it can be hard to get them to try it, but you can always just keep offering, and maybe they'll get the hang of it!

  3. Holy Moly! That is one big turkey leg ...! I can imagine my gang looking at me as if I put an alien down for them to eat if I served that up to them ;-)

    Onya Sunny - your kids will be so healthy!!! :)

  4. The Twins gave me that same look. Pixie was more like, "that's a big chicken--okay, here we go!"

    Thank you and I do hope this diet (among the other things I do) keeps them healthy and gives them the best chance of fighting off illnesses. Even not, though, it does give them a lot of mental stimulation when they have to figure out how to 'attack' it (plus all of the different textures).

  5. ("Soon annihilate this bed, will we, Sian. Done well, you have. Yeesssssss. ")."

    Tee Hee--I'm still laughing about this...


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