Thursday, March 19, 2009

the world didn't end, and now I just feel like an idiot

Sian did well all night. Yogi threw a few fits, but he ended up settling down, too. So between him and my niece, I'm only mildly exhausted *g*.

But--here's some more of the pictures from yesterday. Just a few things: I sometimes allow them to play with a plastic bag, but only under supervision, and only because they have never tried to eat any piece of it (and that alarm clock? One I 'donated' to them, seeing as they always thiefed it, anyway. I went and got a new one, and they thief that one, too *headdesk*)

And Pixie does get to eat her gamehen out in the room, simply because she'll keep it in the bowl at all times (The Twins tend to carry it around or stash it. Gross). I do have a picture of Yogi eating his, but it's even harder to tell what he's doing than Sian's picture, so I didn't post it.

And--there's no order to 'em, since I didn't feel like editing the html.

Okay. That's it.


  1. So glad to hear Sian did well! You have some beautiful fur-babies!
    Dooks and Dances,

  2. Thank you! And, yeah, it was a relief for me (and Sian), as well.


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