Friday, March 20, 2009

sleep deprivation makes the mundane so much more interesting

So, we just got finished trimming nails and cleaning ears. This time, only the baby escaped the ear cleaning without Epi-Otic all over her head. Both of the Lovebirds look like they took a mini-bath. Oops. But, it didn't help that, while I was scruffing him, Yogi curled his back legs all the way into his stomach so that he was in the fetal position (poor, traumatized, melodramatic boy *g*). And, as revenge, Pixie refused to take any pictures, so the best one I was able to snap was of the top of her still damp head (I know what she was thinking: see? Look at what you've done to this beautiful ferret!)

Anyway, a bit of olive oil soothed everybody's shattered egos, and now they're busy racing through tunnels.

Now, I've just got to do ferret laundry and clean the room (and find somewhere to stash some toys so they can't find them and knock them back down. God forbid I try to separate groups of toys to switch out--they throw a fit about it until they have them all back and scattered across the ferret room).

And, I've decided to keep count of the times Yogi ransacks the cage at see if there's any improvement as time passes. So, first count stands at: 6x (and I got two kisses when I got up to stop him), before he settled down in the FN(at least the carrier wasn't necessary. Silver lining and all that).

Hmm. We shall see.

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