Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cage Time!

*The whole set-up. It's not pretty (okay, it looks very sloppy, I know), but it works and the ferrets love it. One of these days I will splurge and buy fitted shelf, ramp and floor covers. Alas, that time is not *now*.

*Yogi playing with his blocks and favorite pillow case (which he fell in love with as a tiny kit, and I haven't the heart to steal back)*.

*Yogi eating a CGH piece. Yum (and hurray! he's keeping it in the bowl *g*).*

*Pixie in the new hammock. Awwwwww.*

*Mostly the top half--devoted to sleeping and playing. All the tunnels and cubes are out, since they wanted to play with them out in the room. The dangly bit? My extender for the ceiling fan. The ferts love batting it around whenever I hold them up to it >heehee<. At night I straighten the pillowcases on the sides and drop down the Nemo blanket for them (because I don't have spare sheet or blanket long enough), but during the day, Pixie pushes boxes over and tries to reach up and scale the cage by clinging to the blanket/case. Which is why the far right one is all askew. Gotta love her. Also? Yay! Cleaning supplies (safe, for now, because you have never seen mangled paper towels until a ferret gets a hold of them *g*)*

A day in the life. Or so I tell myself. In other news: I've got to dose Pixie with pumpkin and Carnivore Care. Her stomach is once again acting up (IBD? Perhaps). I can always tell, since the first thing she does is refuse to eat the CGH piece (going on two days now).

On the newly documented Yogi-Terror battle: Twice last night. Not bad, even though the second time took about ten minutes to convince him to actually get back upstairs and play with his toys. But, ha! Another round FTW!

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