Sunday, March 22, 2009

True stories of ADD ferrets

*Ha! I did find a sheet! Sorry. This kind of stuff=good day for me. Yeah. I know.*

*The Twins playing the CLEAN FERRET ROOM!!!*

*This is Pixie's bottle-brush tail. She'll poof up her tail for really no reason, usually, but it's cute :)*

Yesterday, I actually accomplished everything I set out to do. I cleaned the ferret room, washed my bedding and ferret sheets (not their laundry, but that's next week), and went through all the accumulated junk on top of the cage and my dresser (plus, you know, cleaned the rest of the house). The ferret room smells so good now (yay! downey and their scented fabric sheets). I had even organized toys and thought I put them up in a safe place...but The Triad soon showed me how delusional that idea was. Oh, well.

The ferrets also got their pumpkin, and not a minute too soon, seeing as Pixie already was getting softer poos (ewww, I know, but it's the truth).

Also...I did take a few more videos. They look bright on my media player, but I'm not sure about how they'll look uploaded here, since my first vid was clearer to me than to anyone who viewed it. So I probably won't do it...but you never know--I like irritating people. We'll see.

As for the Yogi v. Me battle: Oh, my god. That boy was this close to getting hurt. Grrrr. Evil, evil boy. Times? Maybe...4? But, since he was so snotty and rude it's more like 90x.

I think he knows, because he's being extremely sweet, cute, and energetic. He's probably saying, "see, THIS is why you love me, mom. I'm your goofy boy." Which is true, but my eyes feel like sandpaper and it hurts to brush my hair.



  1. Good for you! Cleaning ferret stuff is no easy task. Ususally I'm too wiped out to get to the rest of the house! Your babies are so,so cute. Do you have problems with your photos not showing up sometimes? Grr...
    Dooks n Dances,

  2. Yeah, it is hard...but, it's great *after*, you know? Pictures? I can't remember--I don't *think* so, but I dunno about other browsers (in IE and Firefox it works fine for me).
    I usually get the problem of my sidebar moving to the bottom, and then I have to edit the html to get back over to the side >argh<.

  3. Yeah, it feels good to have nice, soft, clean blankies and swept-up kibble! Except Ziggy loves to run up and dig his food bowl the minute I've finished cleaning. He's such a lovable brat!

    Milo did good with his shot today (whew). Cupid's glucose was 71. Not bad, but he sure isn't feeling well today, poor little one...

  4. LOL

    Yeah, my boys tend to be the brattiest of the bunch...Yogi always once to mess everything up (and use the bathroom in his 'make believe' corners--grrr).

    What a relief that Milo did well with the shot. Hurray! And give poor Cupid a hug from from me :) Best wishes to you all!

  5. Hi there,

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    If you could link back to the post or tell your readers about it, that would be great!




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