Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little information goes a long way

I won't go into many details. Suffice it to say that a knowledgeable writer asked me to make a post on one endangered animal--the Black Footed Ferret. As with any animal that is slowly being eradicated, the Black Footed Ferret is becoming terrifyingly scarce. Already believed to be extinct in its territories in Canada, there are only small numbers of family groups left in certain portions of the US.

I have always thought of these animals as gorgeous and elegant, and it would be a tragedy to lose them to man's machinations.

Read up. Get to know this fairly unknown animal. Go and read Angela's article Black-Footed Ferrets in Trouble. It's a very concise summary of the problems facing these creatures.

If you want, go to The World Wildlife Federation and read a detailed account of not only the Black-Footed Ferret, but of what some people are doing to protect them. Here, besides getting a little more knowledge, you can even 'adopt' your own B.F.F., and see videos documenting the ferrets' life in the wild.

And that, my friends, is it. For now.


  1. Well said ! BFF's are beautiful little critters. I was addicted to the ferret cam when Peanut, a BFF born in capitivity, was on it. He was so cute !

    Hey, thanks for the prayers and well-wishes for Cupid. I had a total melt-down last night.
    I'm wrecked today. Useless at work. My heart literally hurts. Co-workers don't get it (sigh). Somebody said, "Well, can't you just take him back to that lady you got him from?" "WHAT???!!!" That just confused me.
    :( Fuzzy hugs....

  2. Thanks :) I know the woman was basically commenting to get a notice for her article, but hey, I thought it was about time I got in a more serious post...and it helps that it's something I really believe in!

  3. Hi, this is so sad that such an adorable and gracious animal is being taken away. A while ago I volunteered with the Nature Conservancy at Shepaug Damn. My job was teaching people about bald eagles. One morning the head ranger "Dave" brought me into the woods and showed me some tracks in the snow. He asked me what they were. I had no idea. Turns out they were Black Footed Ferrets. It's a shame that some day these tracks won't be around. Thanks for the post.


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