Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I think some kind of royal fanfare is in order, here

Today is another day for my best girl, Pixie. Just a warning--the vid. is nice and clear on my comp. in both FF and IE...but, if it's dark or something on yours, I apologize.

Also, if it isn't painfully obvious, I love taking pictures of them eating. It's just kewl.

So, yes, you guys can now see an actually moving version of my ferrets (I think the vid.s I have of The Twins are equally okay to post, so I'll be doing that over the next two days *g*).

Enjoy. And bow to THE PIXIE.


  1. Awwww...hi Pixie !! What a sweetie !!

  2. Sunny, I am so impressed that your trio actually EAT gizzards and necks! Fantastic!

    I gave up giving necks to my ferrets years ago as they'd just stash them in my underwear draw, which was pretty horrible :) And gizzards? They look at me as if I'm strange when I tried them on that, so I chopped them up thinking that might make them more appealling. One sniff and they left the plate.

    I have to get breast, boneless thighs or skinless legs, which I put in the food processor to chop up, and that's all they'll eat. Have they got me trained well or what :-D

  3. The Triad really does love chicken necks (it's surprisingly one of their favorites *g*). Pixie loves gizzards, and Yogi and Sian just think that it's better than eating the ground turkey--which is another Pixie fav. The Twins much prefer RMBs--Sian really can't see a point in eating stuff that *doesn't* have at least a little bone in it.

    I had to blend up chicken breast and the like a few times (talk about making a very strange duck soup for sick raw-fed ferrets). It's so weird, and I feel for you having to do it. You know, maybe one day your guys will stop taking you for granted and eat a gizzard or neck for *your* sake. You never know!


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