Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vet News

We just got back a bit ago from Sian's appointment. She got pretreated with an injection of Benadryl, of course, and for some reason that made her bleed. She was leaking all over the floor, poor thing. But, she handled it well--didn't struggle or fight. After 15 minutes, she got her distemper booster; then we waited for about 45 minutes. She actually ran around (which is a switch from the normal get in the carrier and hide routine my ferts normally do after getting jabbed), and she came up for laptime and kisses, but she didn't play (she was very off-balance without The Lovebirds being with her).

On the way back, she started hacking a little. She'd move around the carrier like she was uncomfortable, cough some, then settle for a bit. Then, she started to dry-heave. We decided to hang around Raleigh longer, to see if she'd be okay, or if we had to head back to the vets. So, we ended up at the only place where we could take her in--Petsmart (*g*).

We kept her in the carrier, and she was really interested. Since the vet was cheaper than I was expecting, we headed to the accessories section (by this time, I was smirking from all the head-tilting other customers were doing). I decided on a hanging parrot toy (for the cage), a wall-to-wall hammock (seeing as they didn't have a hanging sleeping spot yet), a Flexi Fun-nel, and another hard tunnel.

When we were walking to check out, Sian had calmed down and was getting sleepy, so I decided to take her out. She stayed settled (and thankfully had stopped hacking and heaving, obviously). Our cashier was startled (turned out she wasn't a big fan of ferrets. Some people are just weird). But, she turns to me, says, "oh my gosh, that is one huge ferret." I laugh, and reply "well, she's still a baby" (an older baby, but still). Then, she went into all the reasons why she didn't want any ferrets of her own (though her boyfriend did. See? >ugh<).


We got home. She played with The Lovebirds. She ate her gamehen piece (which is her comfort food). She curled up with Pixie in the new hammock--then moved into the pyramid with Yogi.

So far, no more hacking, heaving, or coughing. Just a slight limp and the usual tiredness.

All's well, right now. Hopefully it'll stay that way; and thank you to everyone who thought good, positive thoughts for us (and to you, Shelly--I appreciated the check in--it meant a lot, believe me).

Sorry for the long (possibly disjointed) post. I'm kinda tired :)

*The pictures: 1) Sian before we left 2) Sian after just getting home 3) New tunnels, yay! 4) Smelly shoes are fun *g*
I have more pix of The Triad playing (and a few of each eating CGH pieces >heehee<), but I'll post those next time.


  1. I'm so happy that it went OK. Give her a special kiss from her "Aunty Shelly"

  2. Thank you so much! And when Sian wakes up, I definitely will give her a kiss for you *g*


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