Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selective memory--I wish I had it

*This was back in Sian's scrawny days, when nothing I did could put any appreciable weight on her. I'd actually had her for over a month, so there was a tiny bit of meat on her. When I first got her home, you could see every bone in her body. Eww.*

*Yogi, being self-satisfied and possessive. Apparently Nyla-Bones make good pillows, but human flesh and bone make better chew-toys*

*Cute Pixie is cute. I mean, really*

I have a feeling that adding at least 3 pictures to each post is not a judicious way to spend my allotted blog size. Oh, well, I've never been keen on forward thinking, I guess *g*

Also? Posting adorable pictures of my triad helps me to remember that, in fact, they are my beautiful fuzzies. And no, homicidal rage is never justifiable no matter how sleep deprived they've made me.

In other news: since the ferts decided that they now control the seasons, they've apparently taken a consensus and have announced that it is, indeed, spring. Every one but the baby has shed the winter weight and they play and wrestle like their lives depend on it.

It's nice to see Pixie with so much energy, since it's been so long. Of course, she'd play, but it was sporadic. One 30 minute jaunt, and the next two days would be spent eating and sleeping. Now, every day (and every night, let's be honest), she's pouncing on someone or racing through tunnels or knocking something over.

And, too, her summer coat is nice and silky. Yay! It's a relief, coming from her bad winter coat into that. Now I know I can hold off on the melatonin (I was debating whether I should get her one every six months instead of yearly).

And the Twins? In between getting in trouble (his favorite hobby), Yogi has been acting demented. Just last night he started wrestling (with air--he's so pretty), and when I shook his rear, he got wild and decided the only thing to do was stash one of my sheets. So, he crawls under the covers, gets the far end of the loose sheet and pulls it til he can slip off the bed. Then, he preceeded to tug it and try to take it under the cage. The only flaw in the plan was the fact that he could not get the last side untucked from under the bed.

As for Sian, she was content just chewing on Yogi and ripping various hair clips out of my hair and hiding them. I think she's got a pretty good stash by now (seeing as I only have about one left).

Other than that, I just got to cut up their rock hen. It's unthawed (was unthawed yesterday, to be exact, I just forgot about it), and waiting nicely to be hacked at. I've got to get to it, before Sian decides to go on strike (one day without her rockhen and she's pouting. I spoil them so well).

Yep. Think that's it.


  1. They are just gorgeous! Great post~the piece about Yogi wrestling with air and stealing the sheet totally cracked me up!

  2. It made me laugh seeing it. One of these days I'll actually get around to taping a better quality vid.

    Okay, I'm probably lying on that one :)

  3. Hi,
    I just wanted to touch base and wish you guys luck at the vet today--thinking good healthy, happy, non-reactive vaccination thoughts at you!!! Please let us know how you make out.


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