Thursday, March 12, 2009

is this the part where I sigh tiredly?

Well, I made the appointment for Sian's next distemper booster. I asked if I could pre-treat her with benadryl at home, but they prefer to inject it themselves prior to giving the vaccine. I didn't argue, since it's not that big of a deal.

I'm just nervous. It's slightly traumatizing--actually having a ferret sensitive to the vaccine. Minor or major doesn't matter. It's just not something any ferrent wants to go through (yeah, I know, duh).

And for this time, Sian will be all on her lonesome, ferret-wise, since Pixie and Yogi are staying home. I can't just take one of the Lovebirds with us, since they both get highly upset if they are alone in the cage at home.

But we'll be seeing the same vet as last time, so she knows everything that happened (saves me from explaining it over and over and over again. But I probably will, anyway *g*).

Once this is done, she'll only have her rabies shot. I swear, this is the most drawn out vaccination period of any of my ferrets. She's 6 months old and still not finished with the series. Yogi was done by the time he was 4-5 months old, and Pixie was the same way.

Can we please hurry up and get done? I don't think I can take the suspense for much longer.

Oh! This time it's old pictures, because the fuzzies have not been agreeable to taking pictures. Oh, well.


  1. GOOD LUCK!! When is the appt? so I can think good vaccine thoughts at you...

    I just brought 2 of my guys (Coyle and Tempe) for their yearly-I got titers done on both of them--it will be interesting to see how they come out for Tempe (because she's not even 2 yet). Then 2 more go next week (Mari and Lala-both of them) and Henri isn't due until May. Meelo has insulinoma, so I don't vaccinate him anymore at all.

  2. Aww, thanks :)

    Her appt. is next Wednesday at 1 p.m. --all good thoughts are appreciated!

  3. Yeah, I hate the vaccination thing, too. So far, we've had no problems, but you never can tell. They are just so little...!
    Is that Sian in the pictures? She is beautiful -- and I love her name! Sending lots of fuzzy hugs!

  4. Hee, thank you!

    Yes, that's Sian in the pictures (chubby little thing; gotta love it *g*).

    I love her name (thank my mom for coming up with it), too, and the meaning--god's gracious gift. It fits (most of the time. LOL).


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