Monday, March 2, 2009

Picspam: winter's gone to the dogs

Yep, no ferret-y news today (the carpet sharks are still snoozing). But, hey, more snow!
Dogs pictured: Ben, Kelpie, Betty and Dee (with some brief glimpses of my sis and middle niece *g*).


  1. What the heck are these weird animals???

    When did this place turn into the "dog blog"? ;)

    Are you going to introduce us to your other furry friends, Sunny?
    I'd love to meet them too! :)

    OK, I must run, but I'll be back later to comment on the cute ferrets pics!

  2. what can I say? I couldn't resist posting a few pics of the larger furries (especially when they were so darn cute in the snow). I'll definitely get a few of the ones not pictured (Shade, Bronx, Betty--who despite my words wasn't *actually* in the pictures--Callie and Cinder). But, have no fear, this won't be a dog blog. They just sometimes usurp it for their own 15 minutes *g*.

  3. Well, seems to me it's only fair that the ferrets would share a tiny bit of the spotlight with the big guys...

    When's the cat's turn? ;)

  4. Ah, yes! Good ole Cal-girl definitely needs her moment to shine (I was actually thinking of doing a post in the next day or two, anyway).


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