Sunday, March 1, 2009

awww, the cute ickle bay-bees...

And, no, I don't 'baby-talk' to my ferts, but one vet-tech did and it traumatized me to no end :(

But, in the hopes of getting more Pixie pictures (and that's a mouthful), I was letting my guys explore some unused Christmas bags. So, yeah, cute. And--for some reason--Yogi loves to stick his tongue out in a lot of his shots. I think I have 5 or 6, now, with him doing that.

In other news: yay! Pixie ate even more bone! I had to cage The Twins, again, but they left each other alone (this time). Also? For some reason, every time I take a nap with the ferrets out, they try to wiggle themselves under me. Every time, I had this insane urge to just say, 'RAWR. I will CRUSH you.' Because I would, if I didn't contort myself in order not to lay right on top of them. After they annoyed me (signalled by 'ENOUGH'), they stopped. Then I had about 10 minutes of The Twins just head-butting me in my side. Hurray, relaxation.

Except, you know, not.

Other than that, not much happened today. Well, besides the fact that I think my ferrets (especially Pixie) are reverting back to kithood. Really. She looks like she's getting younger and younger every time I look at her (the Benjamin Button of ferrets, maybe?).

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