Saturday, February 28, 2009

*someone* is going to get hurt...

I felt like splurging, so all the pictures are of Pixie :)

That means I've practically used up my whole stash of her pictures, and now I'll have to do some pretty stealthy work to get any more. Life is hard.

Tonight, I just have a few bits of news here and there:

As everyone *should* know, Miss Pix is the smartest and most well-behaved of my three. Coming from just refereeing one of The Twins' many fights (CGH), I felt this should be emphasized.

Why were The Twins fighting? I had caged them both with two chicken pieces, because they were in cahoots to steal Pixie's piece. I didn't approve, because it 's fairly rare to get Pixie to eat a lot of RMBs (when feeding some ground food, it's easy for ferts to get lazy about consuming larger chunks of bone). This time she was, and there was no way those little miscreants were going to mess with her while Pixie was chowing down (I have to say, though, Pixie has some impressive shoulder muscles from using them to block The Twins from getting to her bowl *g*).

Of course, because simplicity is not in my life at the moment, Yogi and Sian started fighting, even though I had put them on separate floors to begin with. They were crashing and hissing and being little terrors (per usual). Then, Yogi got a good grip on Sian's piece, and managed to drag them both (with the chicken being the rope in this demented game of tug-o-war) toward the hole that leads down to the first floor (as you know I don't have a ramp for that part). Sian braced herself not to fall through, so Yogi was just hanging there for a bit until the meat split into two pieces. Then he fell. Total Cliffhanger moment, that.

Also, in Pixie-related news: I've been wrestling a lot with her lately, before she goes off to explore on her own. I've noticed that she hasn't dropped the habit of seeking out all my nerve endings and tendons. When she plays she doesn't just randomly play bite like the other two do. Instead, she searches for all the most sensitive spots on my hands and arms, and then puts *just* enough pressure on them to a) make shocks race up and down my arm, or b) to make my hand spasm. I told you she was smart; I'm just lucky she listens because she'll stop when I tell her, too. Even though half the time I'm laughing and hurting. I can't help it; she's so pleased, and she works so hard to do it just right. Gotta have dedication to something :)

One last piece of news (bordering on a rant): I'm actually kind of surprised about what I find through my web-surfing. I like to look up random (and not so random) tid-bits on ferret-y topics. It keeps me up-to-date on facts and new medicines and preventatives and the like. I know, too, that there are just some plain ole stupid sites and people. Generally, I pass over them at the first hint of something wrong, or read through them for a laugh. BUT what I've found lately? Honest, smart people who get most things right. Then you scroll down to diet info, and what do you see? Something along the likes of: 'Ferrets are carnivores. They need meat based foods. However, under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should you ever feed your ferrets raw meat or bones. They aren't built for it.'


So, kibble is natural? That's what they would eat if ferrets were in the wild? Little kibble bushes? Even articles by vets say that. Oh, no. Meat BAD.

Do you see ferret teeth? That alone is enough to let someone know they were designed to eat meat and slice bone. Not chomp on kibble that just shatters when they bite. Don't get me wrong: good kibble is fine. But a raw diet, or a natural diet is not this horrible thing, either. Their teeth, their digestive track, even the way their throat is built, is made to ingest meat and bones. I just don't get it. I can't see where some of these people get their reason or logic from, because it doesn't make sense. You can say: I'm squeamish about it; I don't want the added work; I just don't feel like switching my ferrets over (they're sick, stubborn, etc). I can understand that. As long as you and your ferrets are happy, it's no biggie. But lying, or even just perpetuating a fallacy because you don't want to do some research? That's a different matter altogether.

An aside: it's just not about ferrets, either. My vet threw a fit when I told her about Ben switching to a raw diet. She was convinced he'd be in her office in a few months time, because of some food-related issue. She, literally, looked down her nose at me. I love my dog's vet. She is a sweet, intelligent woman. Usually. When I told her 'he's doing great, and he loves it,' she replied 'well, of course he's enjoying it, but that doesn't mean it's HEALTHY.' He gets sodium-free, free range chickens and gamehens, plus his requirement of veggies/fruits/carbs (all organic and pesticide free). Yeah, I think he'll live.

Oh, well. That's it for tonight; guess I'm just in one of those moods :)

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