Tuesday, March 3, 2009

apocalypse now (ferret version)

I'm a bad ferrent. My ferts have made that abundantly clear with a night full of turned backs, pleading looks and general discontent. Yes, they are exceedingly unhappy at the moment.

All because I ran completely out of Aunt Jeni's. Since I can't put CGH pieces in the cage at bedtime (because The Twins go Cujo about it), I had to give them a little bit of gizzards and turkey neck. It didn't matter that I almost cut my fingers off trying to get the darn neck into three pieces, or that I hunted through the package of gizzards to find the ONE chicken heart in the whole thing. They still turned up their noses (and in Yogi's case, ran *away* from the bowls).

What did I wake up to? All three weasels in the bottom of the cage, noses pressed through the bars and eyes staring straight at me.

Of course, Pixie ate some gizzards during the night, and someone took off with two of the neck pieces. But, that doesn't mean anything. I still traumatized them by offering them food they didn't know (especially the twins; they've never had turkey necks before). So, when I let them out, they avoided me--no kisses or cuddles. Just resigned sighs and all three disappearing into various hidey-holes in the room.

Well, they've got one more day, and then their food should be here *g*.

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  1. I had to laugh at your description of your trio turning up their noses at the turkey.

    My gang will only eat chicken meat - and I need to cut it up into tiny pieces otherwise they won't chew on it. You'd think they were herbivores instead of carnivores!

    I cheated and got them chicken mince last week and they were insulted - left the whole lot on the plate so the dog ate it - so now I'm back to standing in the kitchen and cutting the meat up.


    They sure know how to train their owners, don't they :-D


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