Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Never say no to a weasel

My ferrets decided to protest the lack of their favorite food. Here is the result:
Yogi helps by knocking the lamp off of the nightstand (usually Pixie's job)

Then, all three pitch in to destroy it

Yogi gets bored, but the girls plunge on ('we're gonna show her!')

But, ha! The lamp is sturdy, and except for the missing handle (lost in a previous ferret battle), it remained in one piece. Three heads are better than one, but that still doesn't make up for missing opposable thumbs *g*.

Sian, also, got her first dose of ivermectin. She's not a big fan of syringes (unlike my other two, who think the epitome of care and love is being syringe-fed). She handled it well, though, and even cleaned the syringe off. Which was kinda strange, 'cause ivermectin has a very bitter, chemical taste.

Of all three, Pixie actually threw biggest fit. She stayed stock still while I was dosing her, but as soon as I let her go, she started foaming and gakking all over my bed. She even tried to dry heave, but I just looked at her and said "Dramatic much?" So she sighed, curled up, and started cleaning her tail. With stuff like medicine, she'll be as over-the-top as she's allowed to be (probably a hold over from all the disgusting med.s she was on for her ulcers).

But, here's some pictures of Sian, post-treatment:

After the last picture, Sian stole the camera and stashed it (oh, how shiny...I. MUST. HAVE. IT.).

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