Sunday, March 29, 2009

version of events (1b)

*Yogi: Yay! You're home!*

*Sian: OMG, why did you leave?*

*Pixie: Huh. Hi.*

*The Twins, waiting to bombard me before I even got in the room*

Here's the pictures of last night when I got home. Cute ferrets are cute :)

It amazes me how different The Twins are from Pixie (and even Yew). These guys are much more dependent on me. Whenever I go anywhere, it never bothers Pixie. The cage is spacious and full of food, toys, and bedding and that's just fine for her.

But Yogi and Sian? They do get highly upset when I'm gone. Yogi handles it better (he's bonded a lot with Pixie, so he figures, well, at least my lady's here *g*). But Sian? A complete mama's girl. She loves her buddies, but there is no reason under the sun that is good enough to excuse me for leaving (for any length of time). At least to her way of thinking.

Even last night, she ignored me for a long while and sulked. By the time she deigned to forgive me, I then had to hold her and carry her around with me for a long time. I was forced to wrestle and play with The Lovebirds one-handed for a time (and god forbid Yogi try to get in my lap during this--the baby threw a fit).

I guess it was because she was so young (the smallest ferret I've ever had) when I got her. I did everything and she was caged separately from the other two for quite awhile. So she bonded to me before the ferrets.

It's sweet, even though she can be a complete hellion at times. And, boy, can she hold a grudge.

But, in other news: Pixie took a nose dive off the cage again. She had pushed boxes over to the side of the cage, and climbed the sheet that was covering the side (forgot to flip it up before I left the room). I was helping E. unload the girls, when my mom says, "I heard a crash. What're your ferrets doing?" I run back to the room. The cleaning supplies are scattered on the floor, and the cat carrier is askew on the top of the cage. Pixie. I said, "Oh, my god--are you okay?" Everyone heard that and E., my mom, and my oldest niece came running (no doubt thinking there was a dead or blood spattered ferret). She was fine, still is, but she got passed from me to my mom to E. (who lit up when he saw her, "Pixie? I know her!"). I even let my nieces see her (no touching, though! Not yet).

Pixie was kind of flattered with the attention. But it wore her out, too. Then, E. got to see and hold Sian for the first time (she was good about it, but not really interested in him). Then, Yogi. E. loved him (most people do), and kept saying "He's such a pretty boy!". Yogi sniffed him, and then thought E. would make a nice launching pad for his Great Escape, and tried it out (but was foiled by two pairs of hands).

They also got their pumpkin, which the baby needed. And I figured out why the bedding smelled so bad (I forgot to mention this last night >duh<)! I'm cringing even now, but I'll tell ya:

Stashed food.

Yep. Apparently, they have been stashing the left over Aunt Jeni's in places I couldn't see. Hard, little balls of stinky raw ground food. Yeck. It happens on any ferret diet, but it's just that extra element of gross when it's raw food, you know?

Everything's clean and disinfected, now, so yay! But they did get upset when I removed their little caches. What? Why? That's OURS!

Trials and tribulations. Just sayin'.


  1. But HEY ..... it took us forever to stash that away!

  2. LOL! I love your cute. Glad Pixie wasn't hurt, though :)
    mmmm....ripe raw food. Ferret Sushi !

  3. Yeah, I'm so surprised when Pixie can take off flying and land unharmed (but always thankful). She's done it with every cage, and the FN (sadly) is no exception. The other ferrets always scatter whenever she's up there. I can just imagine them shrieking: Get down! Get down! Run for your LIVES!!!

    And, mm, stinkified raw food. Always a great way to start the day. Yeah. :)


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