Saturday, March 28, 2009

don't think so hard. It doesn't help

I'm on the main computer...and wow. It's hard to believe that the above ferret was Yogi just back in November..and he was already starting to lighten up by the time I took this.

It's weird and fascinating to think how they are constantly changing. Sorry; every time I look at it, my mind just goes blank. But two full days of insomnia might do that to a person *g*.

And we just got back from another trip to VA a bit ago. We found our home (and the ferrets would have a majorly bigger area than what they have now >hurray<). Things are looking good (offer's been accepted--now it's just the legal hullabaloo). It's pretty.

But that's not why I decided to write another late-night sleep deprived post. See, coming home from the nice, fresh mountain air made me notice something. The ferret bedding stunk. It was time for a wash, anyway, and so--because I am smart--I decided to wash it all (or almost all of it) now. So I'm up longer, the ferrets are out and playing and sulking (why were you gone so long...we were so BORED!!!) and playing some more.

I did take pics of my guys when I came home, but I don't want to load them on this computer for a reason entirely unbeknownst to me. I'll wait to upload them on the laptop tomorrow, I guess.

In other general news: Sian goes for her rabies vaccine on the the 8th (and is already written down for pretreatment again >woot<).


Also? Pixie poked me in the eye with her nail the other day (guess that's what I get for trying to steal kisses . Hmmph). We can't see a scratch, but there's some broken blood vessels and the darn thing feels raw. I've been putting drops and ointment in to keep it moist, but really? Those drops feel just like I'm pouring acid in my eye.

Okay. I'll once again stop before I lose the topic.


  1. Wow, congratulations on your new home! Nice to hear some positive news amongst all the doom and gloom these days...sheesh. I hear VA is really beautiful. When are you planning to move?

    It is interesting how the fuzzbutts change -- just like kids! Mine are starting to blow their winter coats now (hair everywhere). Ziggy is starting to show some darker hair again -- he was looking very white over the winter.

    Gee, sorry to hear about your eye...that had to hurt. I've had my nose wounded and my hand mauled (OK, slight exaggeration, but there WAS blood) -- all in the name of play. (Ziggy and Milo turn evil when they get in the rice box)

    Anyway, take care of that. Perhaps some protective eyewear is in order for those intimate moments with Pixie! hehehe... ;)

  2. If the financial aspect flushes out, then we'll be moving as soon as we can >hurray!<. Overall, VAis nice, but the area we are in? Stunning.

    And eyewear? Serious consideration. Really *g*

  3. Sunny--you should go to the Dr if it still hurts--she could have scratched your cornea.

  4. Oh yeah--I can't remember if I told you this before--but, you can pre-treat with Benedryl yourself (Children's Benedryl) about an hour before the vaccination--and then he won't have to deal with getting another shot. How much does he weight? We give .4 ml for someone in the 2 lb ish range--but, I talked to the vet about it not too long ago (when Mari had her reaction) and she told me you can go up to 1 ml. (I usually did .6 ml for my four pounder)

  5. You did mention pretreating at home. My vet when I brought it up just prefers to do it there, and I noticed with Sian that the shot doesn't make her loopy like the oral med. does, so I can't complain :)

    The med.s are working better now (both the drops and the ointment), but definitely if it doesn't clear up by the end of the med. series I'll go. Promise.


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