Thursday, March 26, 2009

...and the baby gets her 15 minutes, too...

And, before anyone freaks out [or before non-ferrents think it's okay to feed fruits and veggies], I did not let Sian eat any of the broccoli. She just got into Cinder's food and snagged a stalk and we got a picture of it before taking it away from her. She was very unhappy [don't they know they're carnivores?], but she forgave me.

So, enjoy seeing Sian (best lighted video so far, huh?). And, yeah, that's my sis in the background going "Coffee. Coffee. Coffee." *g*


  1. ferret, Rocky (he is also a siamese sable like Sian)likes coffee, too. But I don't let him drink it. It makes him too hyper!!! LOL!!
    I love your videos! It's cool watching what other people's ferrets do!
    Cupid is doing much better ~~~ :)
    I'll post later on this evening and update. Thanks for the support and friendship (it's kind of embarrassing -- you are my only follower!!)

  2. First? WOOT! I thought that's what Sian was, but the dark and the blonde hair confused me :)

    I'm so happy Cupid is doing better--I was really worried about him from your last few posts. May the improvement continue!


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