Monday, March 30, 2009

spastic ferrets = redundant

Why is it that ferrets can do the cutest things, but usually time it to when their ferrents don't have a camera or camcorder handy?

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, last night, just watching The Triad walk around, when all of a sudden something hit me in the back. A second later, I hear a well-known, low and scratchy 'hehhehheh'. I turn my head, and all I can see is Yogi's face over my shoulder with his mouth hanging open. I suppose me looking at him was the signal he was waiting for, because for an hour after that he was dooking and dancing and pouncing, nonstop.

Of course, his excitement rubbed off on The Girls*. They started flying around the room (and tumbling off of every surface they climbed onto. Cute, clumsy ferrets).

Needless to say, they crashed out in the cage at bedtime. Yay!

In food news: Yogi and Sian finally got onboard and now *enjoy* gizzards. Hurrah! Now, I won't get anymore evil looks whenever they have that for dinner (the ground turkey is still offensive to The Twins, but they always save back a CGH piece to eat instead, so it's all good).

*The Girls is now Pixie and Sian's combined nickname. I figured I had The Triad (all three), The Lovebirds (Pixie and Yogi), and The Twins (Yogi and Sian), and it was time for my two girls to have one, too. Unfortunately, that's all that came to mind. If you think of something else, feel free to tell me :)

The end :)


  1. Wow, that's kind of cool that your fuzzies eat raw meat. I have a friend who feeds hers frozen mice. Mmmmm....!! :)

  2. Yeah, I took Pixie off of kibble when she was two (talk about a traumatic experience for the both of us), and when Yogi and Sian came here, it was easy to switch them, seeing as they were kits.

    I tried the frozen prey route, and it was a no-go. During that span of time, I must have tried very trick (and some of them were rather...gross, like slitting open the belly and pulling the intestines out, or stuffing the belly with kibble or even trying to get them to chase the carcass as I dragged it along...ugh) imaginable, and they still looked at me like I was insane! I guess I'll just stick with the RAW diet

  3. How is your eye feeling?

  4. My eye is much better, thank god :)

    The ointment and eyedrops were enough to let it heal (it was probably just a mild irritation). I'm still just finishing the eyedrop series (2x a day for seven days), but it doesn't 'burn' my eye like it did in the beginning, so that's good!

    Thanks for asking :)


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