Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is how I'll rule the world

I did this because I can. That's it.

In other just-as-boring news: my mom *actually* got to see Yogi and Sian fight. They both have decided that they like the chicken necks. Yogi decided he *really* liked Sian's. Thus, the fight.

My mom was so worried they would hurt each other. She looks at me. Turns back to The Twins (who, at this point, are hissing and smashing into every single toy in the room as they try to wrestle the neck away from each other). Finally, she says, "shouldn't you stop them?" I finally glance over at the two of them, say "no," and then watch as Sian's hind end flies up in the air. My mom covers her eyes. I comfort her with, "they're fine." A few more alligator rolls, and Sian breaks away (with the chicken neck) and takes off running for the nearest hidey-hole to eat in.

I know them. Yogi torments the baby at food time because she is so darn possessive over her food (and won't hesitate to steal everyone else's if they aren't careful). But, good lord, is it funny to see other people's reactions *g*.


  1. I guess you are used to the fights. But yes animals are more considerate than even humans most of the times. There is no greed in them. They are driven by food, sex and other bodily needs only.

  2. I have not had much ferret contact, my sisters ex used them for hunting with his hawks, they would flush out the rabbits. They were nowhere near as cute as your ones. Also it was pheromone stinky time when I saw his ones.

    I did the test at the bottom of your page and you will be pleased to know that I am

  3. That seems like such a "grandma" story; so worried about the babies.

    When I was growing up we had roast chicken every Friday night - I loved roast chicken necks. It never would have occurred to me that raw they were ferret food. :D


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