Tuesday, February 3, 2009

chicken necks ARE good for the soul

*Miss Pixie, always late to the party*

So, my order of Aunt Jeni's came today, and I got to try my ferts on the chicken necks I ordered >heehee<. Yogi and Sian were the first down...they, of course, have never had them before; unsurprisingly, they did the 'stare at bowl, stare at me' thing for a while. Then, they moved on to the musical bowls, and preceeded to drink the water out of all the bowls, while managing to steer clear of the neck. They'd race up to me and lay at (or, in Yogi's case, on) my feet, as if to say 'can we have some REAL food now?'

But, being the hard-hearted ferrent I am, I ignored their pleas, figuring that my guys hate hunger pains, so in time they'd rather eat the unknown blob in the bowl than feel even 1 second of real hunger *g*

When Pixie finally woke up (and after I coaxed her into coming out of the cage), she wasn't that interested in the food. I was kind of expecting that. But, after leaving the room for a while, I walk by and what do I hear?


That's right. So I stealthily sneak up, expecting to see either Yogi or Sian giving in to their need to keep their belly nice and full. But, no. Lo and behold, Pixie is chowing down.

HA! You show 'em, Pixie!

I didn't get any pictures of her eating (she can be iffy if she's interrupted. Sometimes she'll continue to eat, sometimes she'll go hide).

That's it for now :)


  1. Oh, they're precious! SO adorable!

  2. That's so cool that you got your guys to eat RAW--we actually feed my dog RAW (and she has chicken necks all the time) but the weasle's want NOTHING to do with it....

  3. @ Shelly

    When I switched Pixie (at 2 years), I did the fasting approach (since she was healthy and not insulinomic). It took two days of syringe feeding small meals of chicken baby food and going through countless chicken breasts, but she finally gave in and switched. With my two kits, they were easy. I didn't feed them any kibble when I brought them home, and by the time I put them up for the night, they ate the meat chunks (I was so relieved that I didn't have to do a repeat of Pixie's ordeal. It was horrible).

    Also, my Ben (dog) is also on raw. He absolutely loves it!

  4. Hi!
    They are so cute!
    I wish i can have one.
    See you around.


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