Monday, February 2, 2009

The true story of what was. Or, 'ohmygod, get that thing off me!'

*My ferts enjoying some pumpkin--Pixie and Yogi eat it mixed with Carnivore Care; Sian has hers plain
The stains? From my poor, incontinent Poppy. Hormone replacement therapy did not help her*

*An older pic (because I fail at recharging batteries). Just Sian being silly and wanting attention*

Wheee...we managed to get my fuzzies' nail clipped tonight, as well as clean their ears. It's such a relief, now that Sian has learned *some* manners. It used to be hazardous to clip nails with her. Scruffing is supposed to encourage passivity, but Sian would fight through the scruff and try to latch onto my mom every time she went to trim a nail. Now? She's the second best behaved (Pixie, of course, has the manners of an angel).

And the only one to throw a huge fuss about the ear cleaning was Yogi. He managed to splatter Epi-Otic all over himself and us. Then, he, of course, freaked out and tried to run away as fast as his chubby little legs would take him. But, my mom caught him--a nice teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil calmed him right down (even gave my mom a kiss or two, after *g*). The baby just hung there when it was her turn and let us rub the liquid in (which is KINDA the point, here, folks).

Overall, though, all three were ecstatic about seeing my mom. Sian actually climbed onto my mom's shoulder and watched the action when Yogi was getting his nail trimmed (which, it being Yogi, were *horrifically* long and thick). And Pixie got some quality time with her (who, if you remember, was actually my mom's when we first got ferrets, so Pixie has always loved my mom to bits).

And since they had company (read: not me), they promptly went insane and had to show my mom just HOW freakily flexible they could be *g*. Yogi, being a spoiled boy, had to get himself in trouble (digging at my mattress). He sulked for a bit when my mom scruffed him (go, mom!), but he got enough lovin' after to make up for it. Like always. He has very tender feelings, my Yogi.

So, basically, fun was had by all (in that well-known manic ferret way >heehee<).

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