Sunday, February 1, 2009

size DOES matter

*Yogi saying 'hi, can I eat the camera?' And the baby, Sian, in the background*

Sian and Yogi--The Twins (I don't know why I call them that. But.)*
I've really gotta learn to edit before I post pix. Sorry about the foot

*Pixie and Sian--finally a picture together :)*

This is just mainly an excuse to post some new the nice, clean ferret room :) Yes, I actually got my act together and cleaned the darn thing...not too soon, either--my guys love making a mess.

But, I gotta admit--they are too cute after I get done vacuuming and I let them back out. Pixie was dancing around so much, that she was tripping over her own head >heehee<, then she barrel-rolled the baby, who was yelping like she was dying. Doing it to Yogi? He just stands there with them hanging off of him, usually, looking like 'what exactly are you hoping to accomplish with this?'. He now knows his size and he LOVES using it to his advantage (though when the baby puts her mind to it, she *can* actually drag him around by the scruff. And the other day, she gave him a ride in their empty CareFresh bag).

Tomorrow? All about the nail clippings and ear cleanings >yay!<

Okay. That's really it. I'm off to watch Pride and Glory on PPV :)

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  1. Awesome photos... Thanks for stopping by and your comment. I'm glad you found a laugh!


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