Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wait. Who said that's not edible? And why is the ground tilting?

*Firstly, can we say fail, class? At least he's closer to the water >ugh<. Despite evidence to the contrary, he actually did get in*

*Aw, my sweet Yogi-Terror with a Godzilla complex. Adorable*

oohoo. Oooo. Well, for all my bragging about the cheap vet a call from them, and the receptionist was FRANTIC. Apparently, they *undercharged* us. Yeah. $38 and some change. Because, really, they *don't* have a Grand Canyon-sized profit margin. Really. Honestly. Please pay or the world ends as we know it.


After being charged $40 something per ferret per trip, when what was that? Oh, yeah, the $40 was supposed to be YEARLY and the rest of the time office visits were $7.95 per ferret per trip. And, oh, yeah, your well-informed receptionist tried to convince us that if we DID NOT BRING THE FERTS IN MONTHLY that the price per ferret per visit was then $52, and the only way that "little matter" got cleared up damn fast was when we said 'hell, no, we'll find a different vet', and then, lo and behold the head-honcho gets on the phone and straightens it up.

And let's not forget how the damn vet techs wanted to DOUBLE VACCINATE Yogi who just got finished with his boosters A MONTH AGO.
ETA: we can't forget about how they LOVE to give rabies and distemper together. Yeah. Which is the reason I had to wait 'til Sian was at least 3 months old before even taking her in, because, though I plan to fight it tooth and nail this time, they surprised me with Yogi's shots (and wouldn't listen when I said, "what the hell are you doing? NO."), and I couldn't risk the chance of them jabbing her anyway when she isn't old enough for rabies. >ARGHHHHHHHHH<. Yeah. I can see where their business would tumble into dead, dusty financial obscurity. But, having already gone through, what? Four vets for my furkids? We paid up (really? That fuss when Sian goes in next month for a whopper--$52 vaccine exam, distemper booster ($45) and lupron [$94], then 2 weeks after that rabies, then two weeks after that distemper again? REALLY?).

>GRRRRRRRRRRRRR<. Yeah, I just type-growled. Stupid people. Stupid, greedy people and stupid, necessary vets. If they were awesome and cared about the animals I wouldn't mind. But they're rude and callous...and I am damn near running out of vets to try.

In other, everyday kinda news: I ordered some more Aunt Jeni's because damn can my babies eat *g*. Also, I bought chicken necks from them >yay!<. My guys are gonna have fun. 'Cause at the store? Only turkey necks, and ferts don't eat the whole thing and turkey necks are WAY too hard to saw through (and our only butcher shop around here? Um, >ewww<, would not trust them to have handled it correctly. So, hurrah, and for 12 it's only $3.95 :) More power to the all-women owned and operated Aunt Jeni's! You guys rock!

Gotta take the goodhappy news where you can get it, apparently. And I've gotten. Heh. Sorry.

Alright. That's it for now. Here I go to upload pix (I found Yogi's water adventures >woot!).


  1. Hi, I love your blog. I'm a big animal lover too especially rats and mice. Your pictures made my day. Also, thanks for your comment on by Earth Chatter Blog.


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