Friday, January 30, 2009

Huh? WTF?

*Reading iz fun*

*Pixie. Is. Always. Regal. The End.*

*Books are nom.*

Uh, yeah. Blogger's been it's prompted me to change to a nice, shiny *new* URL and a new look. You like? Maybe the 'error' messages will stop now? I have no clue, so we'll see...
On to ferret-y news.

Yogi and Pixie have actually perked up since getting the Lupron shots. Pixie races around and *dooks* every DAY.
Yeah. I know. Pixie. Playing. Wow.

I've set the baby up for close to the end of February (because, hey, my reading has led me to believe that it's best for females to get the shot in Feb-March). We have also decided that all three will get the melatonin implants come fall. Just to keep them nicely regulated (though artificial light is practically nil for them. What? I'm paranoid. It's a gift).

Of course, Yogi resumed his terrible Godzilla status. I have found, though, that if I scruff him and wait for him to then move away from the litter box O'DOOM and then give him massive amounts of pettings and praise that he usually behaves and goes upstairs to sleep.
We're getting there. Slowly and a bit unsurely. Still.

In other news: THE BABY KILLS ME WITH THE LOVE. Oh, the love. She is such a wonderful mama's girl. And I am smitten. Smitten, I tell you. No one can beat Sian for sheer kisses and cuddles (just for me, all for me). I did warn that I am incredibly lame, right? Right? Well, if not, now you know.

All's right in my world *g*

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