Saturday, February 7, 2009

There's symbolism here, because nothing can be *this* useless

Well, not much going on tonight. But I uploaded some more pictures, so >heehee<.

I will say this: ferrets can be god-awful expensive, except in one area: toys. They need a lot of 'em, but the cheapest things will keep them occupied :)

Stuff like boxes (and, as you can see, I'm kept in a nice supply thanks to my two younger nieces), stuffed animals (Leo the Leopard is their fav), and even--in Sian and Yogi's case--a lap to lay on (preferably with drawstrings included, to bat around), or--really just Sian on this one--an elbow to chew on. All things I can spare. Mmmph. Yeah. Even the elbow.

All in all? My bedroom is box-city. You can't help but walk in and trip over empty boxes, boxes filled with various pilfered items (what? my ferrets aren't the only stashers), boxes filled with old clothes (future ferret bedding *g*), and a ton of old baby toys (okay, maybe not *that* old, and maybe stuff my nieces still kinda play with. Alright. I'm a thief. But, if I didn't keep them happy, my ferts wouldn't let me sleep at night. It's survival. Honest).

Now, in Ben-related news: yes, that is a picture of him getting his gamehen for the night. And, yes, I do scrub the floor with bleach water when he's done. Odder: I went into my closet today (looking for the ferret play pen to dismantle and morph into something more useful) and I found Ben's milk-teeth. Still in his rimadyl prescription bottle where I had put them close to 7 (8?) years ago. Huh. It was funny, and about the only thing from when he was young (he spent his puppyhood looking like a bloated toad [not photogenic]. Then, when we got him all patched up, he immediately morphed into the white-speckled, scarred [many, many dog fights] monster I know and love today).

Yes, it was a total "awww" moment for me.

Okay, my pointless ramblings are over :)


  1. hi.... send an email if you want at Tough night to say the least

  2. That first picture is one big ferret! sheesh!

  3. @ Claire:


    Very selective breeding programs. He's actually the runt *g*


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