Sunday, February 8, 2009

Picspam and a few words from the sponsor

In typical Yogi fashion, my boy got into a lot of trouble last night after I put them up.

This is important to know. It will come up later.

But, today, I went in to the ferret room to get some cute, snuggly pictures of all three (since they have taken to regularly sleeping piled together).

Some examples of the Sable Triad include:

So, after a bit, I open the downstairs of the cage to let them out, then sit on the bed to go through and erase some of the worst pictures. All three come tumbling out; Pixie wanders off to go explore and Sian follows after her.

Yogi, however, comes straight up to my feet, then crawls onto the bed, sits in my lap and just waits as I delete pictures (which is hard for him to do, because the tinktink sounds drive him insane). Then, he slithers off my lap and stretches out alongside my leg, trying to bury his head under my hip:

At this point, I know I had a right to be upset and to discipline him for his behavior the previous night. I know, but I still feel like a mean, horrible ferrent. So, I, of course, start the litany of 'you're still a good boy; I love you,' etc (because I am weak, and yes, I do talk to my furkids like that *g*). But his eyes still have the kinda shrunken and still look that he gets after he's been in trouble. So I pet him, and he gives my arm and hand kisses. At the end, he finally stops trying to hide his head from me and starts laying like this:
which is better, and slightly more relaxed and usual for Yogi. As you can see from the half-tail, it was here that Sian got tired of watching Pixie try to open my dresser drawers, and decided to check out what Yogi was up to.

Sian being Sian, she wanted to get some attention. And she did:

Her two default settings, it seems, are: 1) play with mom's hair until she gets tangled in it and I have to unravel her or 2) if #1 doesn't work, start chomping on mom's arm (espeically tasty elbows) . In the last shot, I was trying to keep her from resorting to this setting *g*.

All in all, though, it ended on a good note. Yogi relaxed, even started playing with the baby when she came around to his side, and he lost the little pinched look >yay!<. The Twins, then, decided to both cuddle by me, and at least this time there wasn't a fight about it (they both will get kind of upset sometimes if the other one tries to 'steal' attention):

So, there it is: my adventures in being guilt-tripped by ferrets. Oh, well, I fell for it.
Yogi, you're forgiven for the day. No promises for tomorrow, though.


  1. Love the term 'picspam' I may steal it...:) Also some of the labels at the bottom of the post too, lol.

    The second picture is my favourite, mega cute :)

  2. That was my fav, too. I love catching them with their tongues hanging out or mid-yawn (dunno why; I just do).

  3. This is such a cute blog, Sunny, your ferrets are adorable!

    Here's what I think is going through the little rascal's mind in each of the first six pictures:

    #1: Nap, nap, nap, that's all these guys ever do... Booooring! I'm outta here.

    #2: Whoa! Who is THIS?? Yowser!!

    #3: Hey, baby! Don't go! Wait for me! I'm coming!

    #4: Oh, $%&@. Busted.

    #5: Is she looking at me? I'm sure she's looking at me... She is, isn't she? Oh, man..!

    #6: I SO wish I could disappear into a small hole right now... Wait, is that a small hole?

    BTW, is that your hair on the picture?

    If it is, I hate you.


    Sort of...


  4. @salomey5


    Now that I think of it, that's probably *exactly* what they were saying *g*

    And, yes, that is my hair in the pic :)

    Also--I'm very happy that you enjoy the blog >yay!<.

  5. He SOOO played you!!! I'm surprised that the Boo BOo lip didn't come out!! LOLOLOLOL Mine don't get ashamed of themselves very often--but my sweet little faced chocolate (Latte) has the mean squinty ray beam eyeballs (and scrunches her whole face up) whenever she feels she is imprisoned "unjustly" which is any time she actually has to go in the cage (for a change) LOLOLOL

    It still amazes me what huge personalities are in those little bodies!

  6. @Shelly

    I know; it's so sad because I knew what he was up to, but I couldn't help but fall for it anyway :)
    My Pixie will do the same as your Latte, as well, but usually when I catch her to do something horrible to her (like brush her). Most times, though, she'll give me this blank stare, like 'I can't even let you see what I'm feeling because my pure disgust would crush you.'
    Also, to the last statement, how TRUE!

  7. Your gang of 3 are totally gorgeous! I don't have a sable or a DEW at the moment and am itching to expand my family of 4 but the thought of the oldies scrapping with the newbies is a bit daunting at this point in time.

    I have a very soft spot for sables and albinos, as I think they are the "grounded" types. All the DEWs (or BEWs as we say in OZ) and silvermitts I've had have been so scatty and zany ... but I love them too.

    Hugs to all yours from their new friends down under :)

  8. @ Nona

    When I got my first pair, there was Pixie and Yew--who was a beautiful cinnamon boy. Sadly, he passed away at a VERY young age. In the short interim before I introduced the kits to Pixie, I was so impressed seeing who she *really* was that, as a side effect, I kinda grew a strong affinity for sables, as well (and my other two are just making that preference even stronger *g*).
    Thanks for the comment and hugs to all of the Aussie crew (hope everyone stays safe and well)!


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