Tuesday, February 10, 2009

They're ALIVE

Okay, I totally got this idea from just in luv's post, but I couldn't resist. Of course, they don't look EXACTLY like my ferts, but hey, it's close :)


  1. I have been playing with them for ten minutes now. Stop IT! I have important things to do.


  2. LOL

    I didn't even know you could when I posted them :)

    Now I know and it is kind of addicting *g*

  3. Is this some kind of trap to prevent us from leaving your blog, Sunny? I too have been messing around with these guys for several minutes...!

  4. OK, this IS addictive, because I'm still here...
    But NOW, I'm leaving...

  5. @salomey5

    Darn! My evil plan was so close to working!

    Seriously, I'm trying to push them off the page, because every time I come on to post, I feel so bad for them, and I guilt myself into playing with them :(.

    Sad but true.


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