Wednesday, February 11, 2009

and the saga continues

*Okay. First of all forgive the outfit, brought to you courtesy of laundry-day coming and going without much action on my part *g*. Second--YOGI!*

*The baby! For some reason, she reminds me of a bird in this picture. Also, not so much in this one, but in RL and some pictures I've taken her mask is sharply slanted and it always reminds me of Jack Nicholson*

*The camera-shy Pixie. Her pictures have to be doled out at a relatively low rate, as she doesn't let me take that many*

Yeah. Yogi's pardon ran out somewhere between my rant last time and today. Oh, wait! I can actually pinpoint when!

It would have occured when he chewed a hole into my MATTRESS. Yes, that sounds about right. A. HOLE. IN. MY. MATTRESS.

It wasn't big enough to allow him to get inside of it, but it *was* just the right size for the baby (and possibly Pixie) to. Thankfully, none of the others realized it was there.

This new development made me respond in two ways: 1) doses of pumpkin to make sure no one had ingested anything (so far, all's clear), and 2)rearrange my room, so that side is pressed firmly against the wall. When I first started the endeavor, I tried it while the ferrets were out playing. Then I realized what a tremendously stupid idea that was and spent 20 minutes rounding the guys up and caging them (Sian immediately threw their sofa bed down into poo in retaliation >yay!<).

For now, #2 is working, but I'm sure--given some more time--Yogi will find a new and more horrible way to get my attention.

But, he was well-behaved in the cage. Sian was a different matter. Then, when I shamed her into stopping (after we had a hissing contest for about 10 minutes), Pixie actually started. But, Miss Pix is a Well-Behaved Matron, so she stopped after a completely shocked me said 'Pixie?' Yes, it came out a question because I could not believe she was doing it, too. That was enough for her to pull the plug and go back to sleep. Thank god.

That's it except for: poor, poor beat up mattress :(

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