Thursday, February 12, 2009

The world's an oyster? Well, that explains the smell...

Well, I actually found Yogi's water pictures. You know, where he's actually in the water? Yay!

In exasperating vet-news: I got a call from them, and it was no other than the head-honcho. Apparently, the Lupron shots Pixie and Yogi got? Too weak to serve as a potential preventative for adrenal disease.

Their reasoning? Well, the new shots did not prevent birds from laying eggs. The old shot formulation of about a year ago did. So, since birds are still laying eggs, my guys have to go in and get another shot--this time of the old lupron.

But, hey, it's free for Pixie and Yogi, so no biggie. At least for Sian's first shots she'll have company. And, once again, I made it abundantly clear that in no way, shape or form is she going to have both a distemper booster and a rabies vaccine in the same visit. The receptionist made a note, so I'm hoping the doctor's know how to read *g*.

So, the total this time will be $184. Not bad.

Overall, I'm happy. The ferts were angels in the cage (I know, I couldn't believe it, either). Before bed, Yogi kicked around a ping pong ball, so that tuckered him out enough to just sleep. And the baby was, I'm guessing, still traumatized over actually being DISCIPLINED.

Worked for me :)


  1. Cute pix that always makes me smile, thanx. Oh and 184 ain't bad at all. I spend about 68 a month on Lucky my pet mouse who has skin cancer. And he's worth it just like your guys.

  2. You're right--if you care about 'em, you do everything you can for them :)

    But--I *was* happy to hear the price this time around. It's a nice change from our $200-$1000 vet bills that I usually have with these guys!


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