Monday, February 16, 2009

Of UFOs and attack ferrets



Next, I'm proud to present my very own ATTACK FERRET!

Yogi is my secret weapon in trying to take over the world (because diabolical can-openers and wrong-sided desks have made most lefties EVIL).

But, owww. He got a little carried away. I have no worries, though, the demon ferret will get his come Wednesday when he gets his Lupron jab *g*.

In other news: today was crap day for getting any fert-related chores done (like I listed in the last post). Oh, well, there's always tomorrow. Maybe. Though I did manage to take off the ramp covers Yogs has gotten so fond of chewing and tearing up. With the new ones I fashioned, he can't find a problem with (so far) and is highly displeased. So much so that he headbutted the sofa bed out of the cage and tried his darnedest to get the lower shelf in the FN cage knocked down. Thankfully, that last part didn't work out to his specifications. Hahaha! Sturdily constructed cages will always foil your plans, Yogi!

Okay, well, that's what I hope, anyway :)

Hmm, that seems to be it tonight.


  1. (begin crooning voice) Ohhh... Yogi--what a big SCARY boy--you so BIG and SSCCCAAARRRRYYYYY !! (end crooning voice) lolololol
    I tell mine they are big and scary to enhance their self confidence) hahahahahaha. Like weasle's need their self confidence boosted... hahahahaha (well, except for the abused/behavioural rehabs) but, that's totally different story. :-)

  2. LOL

    I also always boost their egos (they seem like VERY sensitive critters in that area *g*), but I can't leave the fert room without telling each of mine how beautiful/handsome about 100 times, and then it's still iffy :)


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