Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rawr. And stuff.

Okay, so, I had a long day. Went to bed at 3 a.m. woke up at 5 a.m. and am now up at 2 in the morning, and--horror of horrors--am drinking coffee. Which is why I'm writing now *g*.
I let the ferts out at 5 this morning and they romped for about 2 hours before I had to put them back up. They were good, didn't complain (for once). Then, a little bit later, I had to leave for our on-going house hunt in VA. We got back around midnight and to my surprise the little demons had kept their cage nice and neat. No ripped newspapers, smashed bowls, tipped litterboxes. I was impressed.
And, to further my optimism, they missed me. Awww. Even Pixie cuddled for a moment or two before racing off to sleep in her hidey-hole (under my nightstand). Yogi and Sian cuddled with me (which has been rare for the past few days, actually).
They finally slippped away after Pixie had a nightmare and I had to wake her up. They then decided to sleep with her (together, people: "awwwwww").
In other news: Pixie has officially gotten in her spring coat. Yogi, I think, is starting to shed his winter coat, and the baby finally got her winter coat in. Yogi's T-bar is actually darkening again, so he might return to being hooded this spring (>yay!<), but maybe not. Also, they are really cutting back on their food (bye-bye winter weight). On the upside: I probably won't zip through my order of Aunt Jeni's so quickly, now.
Let's see. What does tomorrow hold? Room cleaning; Frontline application; nail trim; ear cleaning and possibly a dose of pumpkin (hair. Hair galore).
As for a little personal info: my face hurts. Oh, dear god. Cold, sinus infection and drastic altitude changes (plus ohmygodcold) do not for a happy camper make. It feels like someone punched me in the face and then shoved icepicks in my eyes and...sporks in my ears. Yeah. Sporks.
Okay. That's it. Sorry about the caffeine induced rambling :)


  1. Sporks? Is that Ferret talk? Take two excedrin sinus tablets and sleep well my friend

  2. Sporks are the plastic spoon/fork combo utensils :)

    I will surely take something for this cold and thank you!

  3. I've been up since 4 a.m. too due to a cold. In my case I think the sporks are in my nose... ouchie


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