Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the doctor is in

The ferrets had their appointment today. Sian did very good--I was so proud :) No hissing, biting, or even struggling. She got her Lupron and her first distemper, and so far, besides being kinda sluggish, she's doing great. She even ate a CGH piece when we got home. And--she's only 100 grams behind Pixie (Sian=1062 g, Pixie=1162 g, Yogi=1403 g), so she'll be starting the ivermectin next month at the same dose as the Lovebirds (because I'd rather wait, and get her on the same schedule, rather than have different ones to try and remember *g*).

In other news: Pixie and Yogi were great, too. We had some more *new* vet techs, so they were also agog at Yogi's size. And now, at least, all the ferrets have gotten caught up with the right Lupron, so that's a relief. Once again, Yogi's shot was the roughest, simply because the vet tech let him go too soon (the needle was still in), and then she just kinda *threw* him at my mom (because he flinched when the the vet had to yank the needle out quickly). But they got some turkey baby food as a treat, and that helped a lot (and Pixie was quite the cuddler. She just laid on my lap after her shots got done and we were waiting the 45 minutes to make sure Sian would be alright).

So, it went better than I was expecting. We have to schedule Sian's second visit in three weeks (this time she won't have the other ferts for company. So sad). They kinda still want to give her the distemper and rabies together, but I managed to talk them out of it ('hey, you'll get more money if they're done separately'). Apparently, they only give separate shots if they have had a reaction. Hmmph. They also managed to up the price by doing some other tests on Sian that they didn't tell us about. It was a surprise, but Sian was a new patient, so it wasn't infuriating (just let us know what we already did--that she's in superb health *g*. Never a bad thing to hear).

Now, I just hope that the rest of Sian's shots go as well as today did. I've heard horror stories about lethal vaccine reactions (especially distemper), so I get highly anxious whenever vaccination time rolls around.
Tonight, I think, is going to be a very quiet night in the fert-room. Trauma and exhaustion tend to do that to them :)

And, yep. That's it.


  1. sounds like my kids at doctor time. Always am grateful when they don't hiss or bite the doctor too! Glad it went well for you and enjoy your quiet evening :)

  2. The few times I went when my nieces had to go in for shots was...well, terrifying for me. One of the saddest things I've seen :( I don't know how parents do it.

    But, like I've told my mom and dad--these guys ARE all the 'kids' they're getting from me. And they're smart folks, so they take me seriously and spoil the bejesus out of my animals :) I've more than content to be an aunt and ONLY an aunt!


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